Best Time to Visit Curacao…
Plan Your Curacao Vacation Wisely

The best time to visit Curacao is during one of its many events and festivals. 

Tumba Festival - A four-day musical event where local composers compete to become the King of Tumba and Curacao is turned into a big party.
Heineken Regatta - A big sailing event that starts and finishes in Willemstad with many entertainment on both sea and land.
Carnival - Carnival season starts late January with many parades to entertain both locals and tourists.

Grand Carnival Parade - One of Caribbean’s largest parades, Carnival season is concluded with this amazing and culminating parade.
Carnival Parade Children - Colorful parade, with lots of happy kids dressed in festive costumes.
Teen Carnival Parade - Enjoy a youthful and festive day at one of the main Carnival parades held for teenagers.
Valentine’s Day - Share the most romantic day with your significant other in Caribbean paradise.

Easter Celebration - Enjoy this traditional feast with Caribbean charm . Hit up one of the many beaches or join the Seu parade in town.

King’s Birthday - National holiday during which Willemstad will be jam-packed with people, markets and lots of activities.

Labor Day 1st May - Build up your tan or laze the day away at one of the various beaches during this national holiday.
Ascencion Day 9th - During this christian holiday most first holy communions are celebrated.
Mother’s Day - Enjoy the many events held at hotels and shop for gifts and flowers at the island stores.

Father’s Day - Enjoy a brunch at one of the many hotels or surprise your dad with an island tour.

Curacao Flag Day 2nd July - Hit up Brion square to enjoy the festivities in Otrobanda as the locals commemorate the founding of Curacao.

Summer Vacation - Enjoy your summer in a Caribbean paradise where nice secluded beaches and good cocktails are the talk of the day.
Curacao North Sea Jazz - Held at the WTC at Piscadera Bay this indoor jazz fest attracts international artists from around the world.

World Tourism Day 27th - During the Tourism week many events take place and most tourist attractions offer discounted rates. This is definitely the best time to visit Curacao.

Curacao Autonomy Day 10th - Curacao celebrates its independence and autonomy.

Amstel Curacao Race - Enjoy this amazing cycling experience where top riders race under the Caribbean sun and the Lions Dive Resort is turned into a huge party area.

Christmas Day - Visit the many Christmas shows and experience the magical atmosphere all across the island. Curacao makes for an unforgettable Christmas experience!
Boxing Day - On this day the locals pay a visit to friends and families, so you might as well enjoy the party of lights at the city center while indulging delicious food.
New Year’s Eve - Packed with events, crowded parties and fabulous firework displays there’s no better way to start a year than on Curacao. Hit up Brion Plein to celebrate the beginning of an excellent year!

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NOTE: Use this calendar to plan your vacation accordingly. During Carnival season Willemstad is crowded, so it may (or may not) be the best time to visit Curacao, depending on what you're looking for.


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