25 Things To Do In Curacao…
Explore This Caribbean Gem To The Max

So, what are the top things to do in Curacao? This Caribbean island may be a small , but you’ll find real adventurous things to do.

From astounding scuba diving experiences to adrenaline provoking kite boarding, to breathtaking nature parks to keep you busy during your stay! So let's start...

things to do in Curacao

Discover the three ABC islands Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. The ‘one happy island’ Aruba offers big hotels and perfect brushed up beaches. The ‘tranquil’ Bonaire is popular for its fascinating underwater treasures. Curacao is the best of both worlds... more about ABC Island Hopping

things to do in Curacao 1

With nearly 40 beaches ranging from powdery white sand beaches to secluded bays Curacao will sure please your beach appetite. Put this at the top of your list of things to do in Curacao... more about Curacao Beaches

things to do in Curacao 2

Experience the finest aerial tours of Curacao from scenic flights to adrenaline filled dive jumps with one of the world's safest helicopters... more about Curacao Blue Skies Helicopter Tours

things to do in Curacao 3

Curacao's best open air nightclub and adult resort offers the most spectacular bachelor's nights... more about Campo Alegre Curacao

things to do in Curacao 4

With a variety of trails for all ages mountainbiking, cycling or bmx competitions are the perfect activity for Curacao-Visitors who love outdoor fun and adventure... more about Cycling in Curacao

things to do in Curacao 5

Swim with dolphins, book an assistant trainer course or watch one of the many dolphins shows. One of the top things to do in Curacao for kids and family... more about Curacao Dolphin Academy

things to do in Curacao 6

Explore one of the most exciting cities in the Caribbean. Willemstad, a UNESCO World Heritage site with a floating bridge, unique monuments and candy-striped buildings will not seize to amaze you... more about Willemstad Curacao Tour

things to do in Curacao 7

Shop till you drop in Curacao. With many renowned brand stores and shopping malls scattered about, this tiny Caribbean island presents various opportunities for duty-free shopping... more about Shopping in Curacao

things to do in Curacao 8

Explore the many Forts of Curacao that help preserve our history. Once built as a means of protection, today most Curacao Forts are home to restaurants, malls and museums... more about Curacao Forts

things to do in Curacao 9

The temperate waters surrounding Curacao provide a variety game fish. You can also rent a fishing charter and organize competitions with friends and family... more about Fishing in Curacao

things to do in Curacao 10

Experience world-class Jazz in a Caribbean setting. As the annual North Sea Jazz Festival comes into sight, tickets run out and the island becomes the destination of many international celebrities... more about Curacao Jazz Festival

things to do in Curacao 11

Learn about the history of the ‘one and only authentic’ Curacao liqueur, experience the making process at Landhouse Chobolobo and learn how to make delicious cocktails... more about Blue Curacao Liqueur

things to do in Curacao 12

Take a boat/dive trip to the uninhabited smaller version of Curacao called Klein Curacao. Embraced by azure waters with glass-like visibility, this island is perfect for snorkeling, turle and dolphin encounters... more about Klein Curacao

things to do in Curacao 13

Admire unique works of art, or learn more about Curacao's history. Each museum reveals the fascinating history of this tiny island ranging from its maritime history to its surprising and shocking slavery history... more about Curacao Museums

things to do in Curacao 14

Discover unique and ancient treasures that define Curacao's Nature and that will be engraved in your memory for a lifetime. Must-visits are the Hato Caves, Shete Boka, Watamula, Boka Pistol, Boka Tabla and the Flamingo Saltpans... more about Curacao Nature

things to do in Curacao 15

With plenty of clubs, this Caribbean island sure has the most vibrant nightlife to entertain its visitors... more about Curacao Nightlife

things to do in Curacao 16

With 3 spectacular golf courses, combined with perfect wind streams and great scenery. Curacao golf is a must do for the beginner and advanced golfer... more about Curacao Golf

things to do in Curacao 17

If you really want to get off the beaten track, rent a buggy or ATV and go to places other tourists have not been before. One of the most adventurous things to do in Curacao... more about Curacao Buggy

things to do in Curacao 18

This island is home to the best cuisines in the world. Don’t take my word for it. Learn why Frommer rates Curacao as one of the world's top four islands with the best food... more about Curacao Restaurants

things to do in Curacao 19

Experience world-class diving, discover unique coral formations such as Neptunes and see the stunning underwater marine life with your own eyes... more about Curacao Diving

things to do in Curacao 20

Play with lovely sea creatures, swim with dolphins or visit one of the many Sea Lion shows. Another favorite among things to do in Curacao for kids and family. .. more about Curacao Sea Aquarium

things to do in Curacao 21

Book a once-in-a-life-time experience with Curacao Space Expedition and go where only less than 500 people have gone before. One of the most exclusive things to do in Curacao. Coming soon in 2015... more about Curacao Space Expedition

things to do in Curacao 22

Explore Curacao’s ocean treasures in a mini underwater elevator and reach corners of the ocean inaccessible to professional divers in a certified capsulated sub... more about Curacao Substation

things to do in Curacao 23

Get the latest Hollywood blockbuster releases; indulge yourself with a giant caramel popcorn and a supersize coke at one of our movie theatres... more about Movies Curacao

things to do in Curacao 24

The temperature waters surrounding Curacao are perfect for Windsurfing, Kayaking, Stand Up Paddling, Wakeboarding and Kiteboarding. Now go get your adrenaline rush in Caribbean paradise!... more about Curacao Water Sports


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