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Curacao Watersports

Things To Do In Curacao; The Caribbean Sea surrounding Curacao provides huge possibilities for water action. Forget about spending a lazy day baking in the sun, hop in a kayak or paddle your way through the turquoise sea on a board or wakeboard at a high speed or even go fly a kite. These are just a few  water sports option for the adventurous kinds.


Things To Do In Curacao: The ABC Islands are gifted with amazing wind capacity which is perfect for practicing your windsurfing skills. Curacao but especially Klein Curacao is windsurf-heaven for beginners and also advanced ones. The calm-clear waters of Klein Curacao accompanied with heavy wind from the north makes a perfect combo for a windsurfing day at the beach.

Klein Curacao Windsurfing

Imagine leaning and holding unto a Windsurf Sail trying to cut through the wind at a high velocity, sensing the power of Curacao’s Nature, while contemplating the majestic turquoise waters and surroundings.

If you’re interested in Windsurfing, rental gears are very easy to find at different shops on the Island. But I recommend Windsurfing Curacao Company located at Caracas Bay. They offer different types of Windsurfing Sails, including lessons and trips but excluding insurance. You can rent a Sail for a whole day for just $55 or $18 for an hour.

Windsurfing Curacao
Phone: +(5999) 738-0883


Things To Do In Curacao: Besides the fact that kayaking serves a great arm exercise it is also an interesting way to discover more of Curacao’s Nature, inlets and coastline. There are several Kayaking Tours available on the Island for you to choose from.

Most of these guides are willing to show the beginners like me but also advanced kayakers the possibilities in and around the Island. A few popular kayaking tours are held at the Spanish Waters, and amazing Beaches like Porto Mari. Most of these tours provide an opportunity for snorkeling too. 

It’s amazing how much you get to see by just paddling with a Kayak around the coast of Curacao. I recommend you to kayak at Sunset time at Porto Mari Beach. It’s just awe-inspiring. 

You have to visit and do it for yourself. The experience is almost impossible to explain through Internet. Adrenaline Tours provides a 2 hour Tour through different areas around Curacao including Caracas Bay, Spanish Water Lagoon, Jan Thiel Beach and more. They have day tours, sunset tours and night tours. Prices can range from $45 to $60 per Kayak, which is perfect for two people.

Adrenaline Tours
Phone: +(5999) 767-6241

NOTE: For the Lazy ones not into paddling there is a cool motorized kayak alternative. Take a look at the video above.


Things To Do In Curacao: Stand up Paddling is relatively new in Curacao, but is gaining popularity very fast. Although this sport is new in Curacao it has been discovered since 1960 in Hawai and is also an ancient way to discover the waters coastline and inlets.

This activity is phenomenal when it comes to exercise. You’re training your whole body while relaxing and feeling the Caribbean breeze embracing your skin. No need to wear a wetsuit cause you’ll be also working on your tan. Amazing right?! Doing three things at the same time; exercise, relax and tanning. That’s the way of Life here in Curacao

Get in touch with SUP Curacao while you’re on the Island (even if you’re on a cruise trip) so you can get an awesome Stand Up Paddling Tour experience.

SUP Curacao
Phone: +(5999) 738-0883


Things To Do In Curacao: Wakeboarding in Curacao is a sport for all ages, very popular though amongst young people. The tricks they do are pure adrenaline, and imagine doing all that at a high speed. 

The greatest challenge ever is to wakeboard right in the heart of Curacao. Yes! Willemstad Punda. What an awesome experience that might be; high velocity, water, architectural history and the rush of the moment. Can you imagine that? Scott Taylor did it, and you can see the result in the video below. If you’re interested in Wakeboarding in Curacao contact Curacao Wakeboard School for more info.

Curacao Wakeboard School
Phone: +(5999) 699-0781

 Things To Do In Curacao… SURFING

Things To Do In Curacao: Curacao boasts amazing Beaches, remarkable Coral Reef and a perfect Caribbean weather year round. Why not enjoy these advantages to the max? Catch your first wave in Curacao in the north shores of the Island.

Even though Curacao is located outside the hurricane belt, people travel from long distances so they can Surf in Curacao especially when a potential hurricane is touching ground in the neighbor Caribbean areas. So during the tropical storm season which is from June to November, the waves are bigger stronger and more exciting for the Surfers.

You might be wondering, where the best spots are for a Surfing experience in Curacao. So here are the Top 3 Best Surf Spots in Curacao: Klein Curacao, Kanoa Beach and St. Joris Bay. It all comes down to the type of surfer you are.  

Are you a beginner not willing to do too much crazy stuff or the adventurous type that takes the risk and has no fear? Based upon that, you should seek for the best Surfing Spot that suits you. If you need some help with lessons or renting gears get in touch with Windsurfing Curacao. They provide almost everything for water sport activities.

Windsurfing Curacao
Phone: +(5999) 738-0883


Things To Do In Curacao: Curacao offers astounding underwater treasures for you to discover. Don’t know how to dive? Well, that shouldn’t be a problem. Snorkeling is the easiest and safest way to explore the amazing underwater world of this Caribbean island.

Curacao, Tugboat

A major advantage to snorkeling in Curacao is the fact that you won't need boat trips in most cases. Snorkeling spots are mostly accessible from the beaches, saving you both hassle and money.

The waters also offer great visibility almost glass-like as can be seen in the images.

Klein Curacao

Top 3 Snorkeling Spots


This is without a doubt the most popular snorkeling spot. With great visibility, a wreck  and an array of marine life to explore. 

”Klein Curacao”

The waters here are crystalline and offer clear visibility. Expect turtle and manta ray encounters. 

”Knip & Little Knip Beach”

Considered by tourists and locals as Curacao’s most beautiful Beach. Explore coral reef and a variety of tropical fish.


Things To Do In Curacao: GO FLY A KITE! Kite Surfing involves using the power of a large controllable kite to pull a rider across the water on a small surfboard or a kite board.

Once the kite is in the air it creates its own wind, which is proportionally faster, creating a higher rate of speed so you'll be able to reach high speeds, jump extremely high and perform "exhilarating“ stunts.

Curacao Kite Surfing is becoming increasingly popular. Since some of the beaches aren’t overcrowded the beginner feels comfortable in his efforts.

St. Joris Bay - Kite Surfing can be tried at the St. Joris Bay with shore winds and flat water. Because of its large shallow parts, St. Joris Bay is suitable for all levels. The wind in Curacao is around 16 to 20 knots from January until September when it slows down somewhat due to the rainy season.

Klein Curacao - The more experienced kite surfers could also try Klein Curacao which is an uninhabited island about 25 kilometers from the southeastern point of the ‘’Big’’ Curacao. A two hour boat trip will take you to a paradisiacal setting of white beaches and crystal clear water with waves rolling in from both sides and butter flat water waiting to be carved.

Klein Curacao Kite Surfing - Can you feel the adrenaline?

Just a snippet of Kite Klein Curacao. I ''wish'' I could do that.

If you're about to become a Curacao-Visitor and you’re into Kite Surfing make sure to seek more info on Kite Boarding lessons at Curacao Kite Boarding.

Curacao Kite Boarding
Phone: +(5999) 511-1094


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