Things To Do In Curacao…
Travel across in an OFF ROAD VEHICLE

Want real unique and adventurous things to do in Curacao? Discover all Curacao has to offer with the following options;

ATV & Buggy Tours

Curacao is perfect for those who have an adventurous heart. Not just because the Island is blessed with cool off roads leading you to amazing places like watamula but also because we have courageous guides willing to show you every corner of this tiny Island Curacao.

things to do in Curacao tours

You don’t have to be a professional rider to drive one of these buggies, ATV’s or Quads. ATV & Buggy Adventure caters to everyone longing for some adventure. They guarantee you an amazing experience with breathtaking sceneries and great off road trails. 

ATV & Buggy Tours
Phone: +(5999) 511-4282

Curacao Buggy Adventure

This is the way to discover the wild side of Curacao. Here you will find local guides that will push the boundaries [in a good way] for your adventurous experience in Curacao. You will be driving your own automatic Polaris Ranger RZR which is perfect for 2 passengers.

things to do in Curacao tours 1

Although the sun in Curacao is very healthy for your body and skin [Vitamin D], too much of it especially for light skinned people can be bad. So I love that these buggies provide some kind of protection from the sun during your trip.

Curacao Buggy Adventure
Phone: +(5999) 696-2182

Things To Do In Curacao: Bazz Fun Rental Buggy

Well, these cute mini-cars [perfect for 4 passengers] might look a bit uncomfortable at first glance. Bumpy roads auch, haha. So I thought. The truth is that they are very fun to drive! You can really get off that beaten track, if you know what I mean. So, that’s the main reason why I would recommend these little vehicles. There are places you will only reach with a buggy. For example National Park Shete Boka. So it’s definitely worth your while!

things to do in Curacao tours 2

Experience fun and freedom. What Curacao is all about! 

You can rent these cute vehicles individually or with a group.  This is certainly one of the most adventurous things to do for families with children. For more info check out Bazz Fun Rental Buggy Curacao.

Bazz Fun Rental Buggy
Phone: +(5999) 510-2299


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