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Curacao Substation

Fun and unique things to do in Curacao - Are you curious about the underwater-world but lack the necessary diving skills? things to do in Curacao substationThen substation Curacao is the answer! This certified Curasub, what I like to call ‘underwater elevator’, will provide you with the most unique underwater expedition of your life.

With a clear visibility of at least 60 feet in front, this Curasub is worth every bit of your time and money.

Let me give you a little preview…You’ll see a variety of extraordinary underwater life - from cute schools of tropical fish to amazing coral reef colonies…shh don’t want to spoil your fun, do we?.. There’s also a huge 250-foot cargo vessel located at the bottom.

At great depths (1000 feet) the Curacao waters look ‘‘gin clear’’. You’ll be surprised at how far the surface light penetrates the ocean depths.

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Worried about safety? Curacao Substation is designed and built by Nuytco Research Ltd. of Canada, a world leader in the development and operation of undersea technology, and certified by Lloyd’s of London, the world’s leading specialist insurance market. You could not ask for more safety. Curasub is one of the  fun and safe things to do in Curacao.

Apart from tourist diving expeditions the Curasub serves also as a fundamental tool for the future Curacao Undersea Scientific Marine Research. 

Three times a day at Bapor Kibra, this Curasub departs for an undersea adventure of its own. Taking you to inaccessible corners of the ocean that not even professional divers can reach. Awesome right?! 

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The certified capsulated Curasub provides a perfect pressure in the Submarine-cabin even at great depth. So this form of diving is much preferred for those incapacitated health-wise to undergo e.g. a Scuba Diving experience. 

The prices can range from $425 to $650 depending on the type of Dive experience you choose. There are actually 3 options namely; Adrenaline Dive, Deep Dive and Standard Expedition Dive. 

Curacao Substation
Phone: +(5999) 465-2051


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