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Discover all the unique things to do in Curacao - If you manage to pull yourself away from all those gorgeous beaches and want to do some sightseeing, here are a few unique sights of Nature and Parks to take in. 


Just five minutes from Curacao International Airport we have a 200.000 year old Cave named “Kueba di Hato” meaning Cave of Hato. This Cave is the most visited attraction and definitely one of the most unique things to do in Curacao. I think I know why. 

After rigorous work and adjustments made by the government this ancient treasure is finally accessible by foot. It has since then been mesmerizing how the formation of limestone’s, natural-romantic water pools (throw a coin and make a wish), and cave windows have been shaped throughout thousands of years.

Hato Caves is home to countless seldom long-nose bats which attracted attention of “Jungle Jack Hanna”. They filmed three episodes of “Into the Wild” in the Hato Caves of Curacao and it will be aired on the ABC channel.

NOTE: The Opening Hours are from 8:30 till 16:00 with an entrance fee of $8/Adult and $6/Children under age of 11. The Hato Cave Tour will take approximately 45 minutes. 

TIP: Make sure to sip a drink at their Terrace.

Curacao Hato Caves
Phone: +(5999) 868-0379
Address: Franklin D. Rooseveltweg, Willemstad


Things To Do In Curacao… Shete Boka National Park is really a place for the senses. Listen, see and feel the hard ocean waves crashing into the rock formations. Shete Boka literally means “seven mouths” and that is exactly what this National Park is all about. Ocean inlets that embody several water mouths at the rocky north coastline of Curacao.

Made accessible for tourist and locals in 1994, this 200 hectare terrain still shows the essence of the true Curacao formation. This National Park is loved by those who are devoted to nature and in particular the off the beaten track adventures.

You’ll find 10 pocket beaches at the Park where you can sit, relax and wet your feet’s (they are not calm enough to swim in though). The entire National Park which is THE place for turtle breeding is protected by Caribbean Research & Management of Biodiversity also known as Carmabi.

Trails and roads are all easily reached by car but I recommend a 4x4 jeep that can really handle the rugged north coast of Curacao. Jeep Tour Guides are also obtainable at relatively low cost. 

The Top 3 most popular water-mouth inlets at Shete Boka National Park are; Boka Tabla, Boka Pistol and Boka Wandomi . 

NOTE:  The National Park is opened from 9:00  till 17:00. You’ll have to pay a small entrance fee of $5.50 per person. For an extra dollar you will also get a map. 

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to bring water and good sporting shoes. The terrain is rough and sometimes slippery. 

Boka Tabla -“The Curacao north coast entrance“

Your adventure at Shete Boka National Park starts at the well-known inlet; Boka Tabla. A rock formatted step will lead you straight to the mouth of the Boka Tabla cave. Here is where massive waves smash into the underground cave. The intensity is amazing to witness.

Boka Wandomi -“A natural carved bridge”

The fierce waves of Boka Wandomi enter and exit the mouth almost in a rhythmic motion. No wonder these waves had carved a natural bridge during all those years. You can almost consider these waves as an artist, because they are constantly changing and shaping the rugged north coast of Curacao.

Boka Pistol -“Breath, reload and shoot”

A breath-taking “explosion” you don’t expect. The Boka Pistol in Papiamentu means literally “Mouth Pistol”. The name is derived from the fact that the in-coming ocean gets trapped in a very small coastline-pocket, creating so much pressure leaving the water nowhere else to go than up in the air with intense power and a loud sound. Just marvelous!

Shete Boka National Park
Phone: +(5999) 462-4242
Address: Boca Tabla z/n


Things To Do In Curacao…The most western part of Curacao is often referred to as the evil eye of Curacao. The story goes that slaves were thrown alive in the Watamula…

Apart from the evil eye, Watamula is also considered “the breathing-hole of Curacao”. If you stand there quietly you will hear the motion sound of the ocean which is very similar to an animal or human breathing. This huge hole is a product of the intense force of the ocean that has scooped a perfect hole in the rocky coast. 


Things To Do In Curacao…The two main Saltpans in Curacao are; Jan Thiel Lagoon and Jan Kok. These two Saltpans are temporary home to many Flamingos traveling daily in and out the ABC Islands.

Both of these Saltpans are not easy to reach, so you might face an adventurous hike in order to reach these beautiful sceneries. The trails leading to the Saltpans are mostly dry, but can get very muddy during rainy seasons, October through February.

The flamingos are without doubt a part of the Curacao Saltpans. Every afternoon, when they prepare to leave, they make very loud sounds almost like airplanes taking off. They rarely spend the night in Curacao. 


Things To Do In Curacao…The oceanfront Sea Aquarium Marine Park offers a unique experience for the whole family.  The distinctive complex with fresh seawater fish tanks (which are constantly pumped from the ocean) presents various cool activities. 

During the opening hours, 365 days a year from 8:00 till 17:00 the aquariums, touch tanks, fish tanks, theater, museum and shows are all in place for your enjoyment.

"Dolphin Academy"

At the Dolphin Academy, which is a part of the Sea Aquarium Marine Park you will encounter the best bottlenose dolphins. This popular family attraction offers spectacular shows, educational entertainment and therapeutic interaction for children with disabilities.  

Dolphin Academy offers diverse encounter options with the Dolphins when you arrive. From snorkeling and open water dolphin dive to assistant trainer course and personal encounter or even swim with these affectionate creatures. 

Note: The entrance fee to Sea Aquarium Marine Park $21/Adult and $11/Children – between 5 and 11 y/o includes admission to the dolphin academy, for individual dolphin encounters however an additional fee may be charged. 

Sea Aquarium Marine Park & Dolphin Academy
Phone: +(5999) 461-6666
Address: Bapor Kibra z/n


Things To Do In Curacao…The most amazing underwater cave in Curacao is called THE BLUE ROOM. Originally named as the whistle mouth, this cave is a must visit for the water lovers. Located just between Santu Pretu Beach and Santa Cruz Beach the cave is accessible by boat, kayak, or any other option faster than swimming because it is a bit far from the shore.

There are many Tours willing to provide the transportation and guide you need to access the cave. At the Santa Cruz Beach you can find daily trips to the blue room. I recommend “Captain Goodlife”, because we had a great experience with them for only $20. 

The cave is called the ‘Blue Room” based on the fact that the light reflection on the ocean doesn’t stop at the entrance of the cave but instead illuminates the cave and the underwater (see picture above). This phenomenon provides clear turquoise water with an incredible visibility. The cave isn’t shallow at all, so imagine how cool it is to clearly see the bottom of the cave without the need to dive. 

Captain Goodlife
Phone: +(5999) 864-0438
Address: Santa Cruz Beach


Things To Do In Curacao…If you want to feel on top of the world or at least on top of Curacao then the Christoffel Park, the largest national Parks of Curacao, is definitely a must visit. 

The hiking trail to Mount Christoffel can be a tough exercise but at the top you fill find real peace and a 360 degree view of Curacao’s landscape at its best. 

During the rainy season you have to be very careful since the rocky trail can be slippery. Make sure you are wearing suitable footwear. Whats amazing during the rainy is that you’ll find several waterfalls throughout the park.

A large variety of local birds and plants is found across the park. Luckily the trail is mostly shaded, but do bring lots of water and a snack to enjoy at the top of the mountain.

Due to the weather conditions, hiking is only allowed before 11.00  so if you’re planning on climbing the Christoffel mountain please take this into account. 

For the adventurous Curacao-visitors cave excursions, safaris and guided park tours are organized on a daily basis. You can take a 4 hour jeep safari for $30 per person.

NOTE:  Make sure to visit the famous Savonet Museum located at the park for a combination fee of $16 for adults. Entrance fee to the Christoffel Park are $12 for adults, $4.50 for children between 6-12 y/o and free for children below 6 y/o. 

TIP: Don’t forget to take a picture with the enormous iguana! 

Christoffel Park
Phone: +(5999) 864-0363
Address: Savonet z/n


Things To Do In Curacao…The several Landhouses, which are basically old Dutch-inspired Villas scattered around the island served as former plantation houses in the 18th and 19th centuries.

In those days each Landhouse, [Dutch: Landhuis] belonged to a plantation and served as a home for the master and his house slaves. Today a total of 55 Landhouses can be found on Curacao. Some are used as corporate offices while others are open for public viewing.


”Landhouse Dokterstuin”

Enjoy authentic Curacao cuisine and unique architecture at Landhouse Dokterstuin. The country house currently home to the  popular restaurant ‘Komedor Krioyo’ is located on the road to Westpoint and dates back to the 17th century. Grab a late lunch and don’t forget to try their freshly squeezed tropical juices. Absolutely delicious! 

”Landhouse Jan Kok”

One of the oldest and infamous Landhouses is Landhouse Jan Kok. Once home to a cruel slave master named Jan Kok and his house slaves, most people believe this landhouse is still haunted by its evil master.  Scary thought, but definitely a reason to pique my interest! 

”Landhouse Daniel”

Currently a hotel and restaurant, story goes that this country house was built by a castaway who washed ashore on St. Daniel’s day. Landhouse Daniel is situated next to  the road to Westpoint, where pristine beaches such as Knip Bay are located. Stop by and enjoy a wonderful meal and beautiful surroundings. Remember....there is always things to do in Curacao…


Things To Do In Curacao…Your Curacao vacation is not complete without a visit to the Aloe Vera Plantation. A beautiful farm where over one-hundred thousand aloe plants are grown and processed. Aloe is an ancient plant used for different reasons including food, healing purposes, beauty purposes and much more.

Aloe is now well-known around the globe, also famous for its healing properties. The Curacao Aloe Vera Plantation was establish in 1999 and since then has establish itself as a renowned plantation and manufacturing company. The farm produces juice, soap, lotion, sunscreen, gel, shampoo, conditioner, facial scrub, repellant, shower gel and so much more…

NOTE: The tour opportunities around the plantation start at 8:00 in the morning till 16:00, with an entrance fee of $6/Adult and $4/Children between 3 and 12. Toddlers younger than 3 enters for free.

TIP: After a warm day at the Aloe Vera Plantation there is not better things to do in Curacao than perhaps drinking a cold 100% Aloe Vera Juice! So refreshing…

Phone: +(5999) 767-5577
Address: Groot St. Joris West z/n


Things To Do In Curacao…How cool would it be to actually ride an ostrich? I can tell you from my own experience that riding an ostrich is nothing like riding a horse. For the most daring however this can be a fun activity especially when you’re having a day out with the kids.

The Curacao Ostrich Farm presents a perfect opportunity to learn more about the fastest-running birds on earth. You can feed them, ride them or go on guided safari tours that departs every hour to explore the Ostrich Farm, one of the largest Ostrich Farms outside the African territory. 

Don’t be surprised if you spot sheep, potbellied pigs or even crocodiles! 

When you’re done exploring the farm take a seat at the Zanbezi restaurant for a unique experience. The atmosphere is laid-back and the menus are South African. If you’re visiting around dinner time try the ostrich steak with mustard sauce and for dessert? That would be the African milk tart. Just delicious. 

More things to do in Curacao @ the Ostrich Farm? YESS...

And when you’re ready to head back home don’t miss the Art of Africa souvenir shop for unique handcrafted souvenirs ranging from painted ostrich eggs to beautiful African sculptures. 

NOTE: Guided Tour prices $15 for adults - $12 for children between 2 to12 y/o – children under 2 y/o FREE 

Ostrich Farm
Phone: +(5999) 747-2777
Address: Sint Joris


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