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No Vacation Is Complete Without Shopping.

I’ll start off with the bad news. There’s no such thing as duty-free shopping in Curacao. The shopkeepers pay a relatively low duty and since there’s no sales tax on Curacao, you could call this “duty-relaxed” shopping.  Curacao Shopping,   where to start?


Punda and Otrobanda are the main districts of Willemstad Curacao, so here is where the shopping magic happens. Yes, right in the heart of Curacao. The city is jam-packed with relatively low priced shops to high-end labels for the rich and fancy shoppers. Most of the small alleys in the city are closed for motorized vehicles so you can shop stress free.

Handelskade, Willemstad
shopping in curacao

When it comes to shopping in Curacao,  the place to start is of course Punda’s HandelsKade and Breedestraat where the most exclusive stores are located.  Sure, this is no Fifth Avenue but expect numerous well-known brand names. You’ll see several jewelry establishments such as the Freeport Jewelers, Little Switzerland and the Royal Gems.

Breedestraat, Willemstad
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For souvenir shops that sell take-home items such as the one and only authentic Blue Curacao Liqueur or unique hand-made crafts you can hit the Heerenstraat.

shopping in curacao 2

Don’t forget to cross the Emma Bridge and walk around Otrobanda for real  bargains.


Zuikertuin Mall has been a solid name for a while. The original plantation house which is now the front of the mall dates back to 1634. Zuikertuin means literally “Sugar Garden” which is derived from the fact that the main harvest from this Plantaion way back then was Sugar Cane.

shopping in curacao 3

This is the only air-conditioned Mall in Curacao and the only Shopping Mall that stays open till 20:00. Here you have plenty of stores to choose from, actually a total of 25 brand-named stores.

This mall is my favorite; it provides you with entertainment, excellent shops, cool temperature and plenty of food to enjoy. What more could you ask for? This Mall is located 10 minutes from downtown Willemstad.  A must  visit  during  your  shopping in Curacao-spree.

shopping in curacao 4

If you’re exploring the island with a Rental Car, make sure to do a quick stop at the Zuikertuin Mall, which houses numerous renowned brand names under one roof. You should be able to get some fairly good deals, and experience the Z-lifestyle.

Just a walking distance from Zuikertuin Mall we have Bloempot Shopping Center. Famous for its small cozy shops and galleries, This Mall attracts mostly families. There is also a play area for children. One of the remarkable things of The Bloempot Shopping Center is its unique architecture. This mall is THE place for distinctive shopping stores. You can find; bridal and formal wear shops, jewelry, bookstore, shoe store and galleries like “Handmade By Me” promoting local artists. Opening hours: Monday to Saturday.


Booming Saliña, an eight minute drive from Punda, is becoming quite a mini apparel haven. With stores like Hush Puppies, United Colors of Benetton and more, you are bound to shop till you drop.

Here you can also find the Saliña Galleries adjacent to countless other shops, just a walking distance from each other. You can find stores such as "Never Pay More" here.

Saliña is the second busiest area in Curacao compared to Willemstad. And the shopping stores are unique as the area itself.


At Promenade Shopping Center, you will hit upon the most fashionable clothing, jewelry, shoes to name a few. Whether you crave sushi or pancakes or need clothes for your baby or yourself, this Mall (almost) has this all.

shopping in curacao 5

Cozy tropical atmosphere, with a bunch of plants surrounding a single-level shopping building. A unique ambiance I must say. This Mall has 28 contemporary and sophisticated stores to cater to your shopping needs. Located just 11 minutes from Willemstad, not only this mall but the whole area has a lot to offer.


Save the best for last, right ?!  The Renaissance Mall has a perfect architecture that fits its surrounding like a glove. Located in and around the Historic Rif Fort, this is the favorite place to hang around, dine and most important a place to shop (literally till you drop) for tourist and locals. This Mall is THE most upscale  area for shopping in Curacao.

shopping in curacao 6

Are YOU the type of shopper that is indecisive and doesn’t know what to buy, but willing to spend money on what blows your mind fashion-wise? The 50 top-quality stores this Mall presents are just perfect for all types of shoppers including the indecisive ones.

So if you're docking in at the Mega Pier, staying at the Renaissance Resort or any place in particular, the Renaissance Mall & Riffort is a must visit for  shopping  in  Curacao Here are some shops you can expect:

shopping in curacao 7

RECOMMENDED: After satisfying your thirst for fashion, go see a movie at The Cinemas or wine and dine at one of the many Curacao Restaurants in Riffort overlooking St Anna Bay.

TIP: Any time is a good time to shop at Renaissance Mall. See for yourself in the following video.

NOTE: Most Curacao Shopping Stores are open from 8.00 to 18.00 (some take a mini “siesta” break between 12.00-14.00)  Use this time to indulge our worldclass cuisine at one of these restaurants and continue your shopping in Curacao afterward.


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