Saint Tropez Curacao...
The Hottest Ocean Club in Town

Saint Tropez Curacao - Do you have this romantic image of stepping out of a poolside ‘cabana’, walking a few steps and then BAM a breathtaking view of the Caribbean Sea hits your sight. At the Curacao Saint Tropez Ocean Club this image becomes reality. This place really is a true ‘feast’ for the senses.

In one sentence: Sheer indulgence
Saint Tropez Curacao

Curacao is really stepping up her game. The island seems to aim more and more at the high-end tourist. Luxurious resorts, condos, bars are popping up all over the place.

While I’m not advocating this trend, Curacao “please” we don’t need another Anguilla or Aruba, I must say this restaurant slash beach club really is something different. The contemporary design is so unlike the regular ‘Dutch colonial’ taste for architecture.

Saint Tropez Curacao 1

I love it. Caribbean paradise meets style. A “must visit” after an exhaustive day of tanning, swimming or shopping. Saint Tropez has an excellent bar, they really serve great mojito’s. A trip to the ocean club is not complete without a shot of the Ice Tropez. This cocktail, a rose wine mixture, originates from the French Riviera Saint Tropez and leaves a refreshing taste.

Saint Tropez Curacao Food

You can grab some tapas or finger food at their restaurant. Our favorite are the Bruschetta’s a la chef. Did I mention they really know how to make a good shrimp cocktail? Oh, and if you’d like to have an delicious  french breakfast in style stop by before noon.  Everyday from 08.00 till 11.00. Breakfast with a View. RECOMMENDED

Saint Tropez Curacao 2

This is it, right? This is how paradise looks like.. I can see myself eating or lying there, the soft ocean breeze tingling my skin and my eyes absorbing all the beauty around me.. can't wait for my next visit!

Saint Tropez Curacao 3

For about $6 (10 ANG) you can swim and make use of the pool area, which includes cabanas, beach loungers, Wi-Fi. If you’re traveling in large groups they can accommodate you at one of the 3 lounge areas. Have a go at one of the many water pipes with your friends and enjoy life in true Caribbean fashion at Saint Tropez. Definitely The Hottest Ocean Club in Town....

Saint Tropez Ocean club
Phone:+(5999) 461-7727
Address:Pietermaai 152

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