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The Movies Curacao & Cinemas - Rest assured, on Curacao there’s never a dull moment. movies curacao A more laid-back way to start your evening is to visit one of the cinemas on Curacao. If you love to grab a flick every now and then you have the choice between The Movies or The Cinemas.

Both theatres offer different film schedules so depending on the movie of your choice you may well end up at the one or the other.

So let's start with The Movies


The Movies is the first and was not a long time ago, the only movie theatre on Curacao.

The Movies is the perfect place to enjoy good quality movies but please stay away from the cinnamon rolls, as these are highly addictive! 

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The movie theatre counts a total of six state of the art projection rooms, where the latest movies can be enjoyed on a daily basis. A wide range of snacks, beverages and food is available to feed your appetite. This is the place to cheat on your healthy diet and have a super size coke, nacho’s and caramel popcorn. 

You can buy your tickets in advance but reservations are not possible. When a movie first premieres in Curacao I’d say buying in advance is a must. 

NOTE: Between 12:00-17.00 tickets are $6.5 for kids and seniors, $7.5 for adults and in the evening hours $7.5 for kids and seniors and $8.5 for adults

The Movies Curacao
Phone: +(5999) 465-1000
Address: Plaza Mundo Merced z/n, Scharloo

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This movie theatre is located near the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Willemstad. This nice and modern movie theatre, in fact the largest theatre on Curacao, is a cool place to visit during your vacation.

The Cinemas Restaurant
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You will find many of the Hollywood blockbusters here as well as independent movies. The theatre has a total of six state-of-the-art projection rooms, a restaurant and a large lobby that is just perfect for large movie-related events. 

The Cinemas Hall
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The Curacao International Film Festival Rotterdam is also held each year at the Cinemas. The festival is a means to promote talented local movie producers but also international movie producers. Tickets to the festival are offered at a discount compared to the regular prices and after flashing your ticket you get a discount at the nearby Starbucks.

The Cinemas Theater
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NOTE: Between 12:00-17.00 tickets are $7 for kids and seniors, $8 for adults and in the evening hours $8 for kids and seniors and $9 for adults.

The Cinemas Curacao
Phone: +(5999) 435-5170
Address: Baden Powellweg 1, Otrobanda

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