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Named after the Portuguese word for the heart... This magical island stole my heart. Why? It's not the weather, breathtaking sceneries or white sandy beaches. This Caribbean paradise really is a way of life. And though I'm far away..studying in the Netherlands, I would love to share my personal story with you about my little paradise on earth. They say "You only realize the true value of something once you've lost it." l might have not appreciated this island, this much, back then. Why? Simply, cause I took it for granted. & now? I miss the Thank God it's Friday-piña colada or the soft caress of the wind while driving, a quick sniff of the ocean breeze and the sound of playful jazz while cheerfully chattering with friends. I fell in LOVE didn't I? With Curacao, the lifestyle. But wait until you've smelled, tasted and sensed this magical island YOURSELF.