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WELCOME - "If you're about to become a Curacao-Visitor, then you have come to the right place! "


Named after the Portuguese word for the heart “coração”... This magical island stole my heart. Why? It's not the weather, breathtaking sceneries or white sandy beaches. This Caribbean paradise really is a way of life!  

And though I'm far away now…living in the Netherlands, I was born on this cozy island and I would love to share my personal stories with you about my little paradise on earth.  

They say “You only realize the true value of something once you’ve lost it”. l might have not appreciated this island, this much, back then. Why? Simply, cause I took it for granted. & now?

curacao 1

I miss the Thank God it's Friday-piña colada or the soft caress of the wind while driving, a quick sniff of the ocean breeze and the sound of playful jazz while cheerfully chattering with friends. I fell in LOVE didn't I? With Curacao, the lifestyle… in one word [EVERYTHING]

But wait until you've smelled, tasted and sensed this magical Island YOURSELF.

Take A Mental Trip To Curacao, The Treasure Of The Caribbean…

Imagine a place where..

  • Its inhabitants are sun kissed on a day to day basis…
  • It’s gentle ocean breeze blows elegantly, as if orchestrated by mother nature….
  • A place where smiles and laughter are the daily means of exchange….
  • Where wealth is measured in time not money…
  • & people dance like no one is watching…
  • Where today is never a repeat of yesterday…
  • A place where it's warmth is indeed surpassed only by its people's…
  • A place where anyone can say I'm home
curacao 2

Jan Thiel Beach...

We all know what it feels like to need a vacation.  And being a regular “traveler” to my Caribbean Island for the last 20 years myself, I know what kind of escape this Caribbean paradise can provide and I can see why so many visitors choose to come here.

It is friendly, colorful, historical, and oh the scenery…gorgeous aquamarine-colored beaches and hot tropical sunshine – I want to visit it as I’m describing it to you!

curacao 3

Can you already imagine yourself relaxing at Jan Thiel Beach?

A Taste of this  Caribbean paradise can really make a Difference for your Soul!

It changes your whole outlook on life…a single week on this magical island will make you realize what life really is all about!

You’ll be feeling as carefree as the wind blows, enjoying life to the fullest, and feeling like you’ve finally found your home.

And when the vacation’s over and your back to your daily routine…what then? Your heart will be yearning for more.. More of this Magic… that unique meaning this wonderful island brings to your life.  It will leave you a brief preview of that Utopian feeling…all is right in the world.

God Bless, My Paradise!

It's Breathtaking Nature…

I thought I knew this island like the back of my hand. Wrong. This amazing island, somehow always manages to tell a different story. Just like the slogan of the Island itself  “Real. Different”

An even more awe-inspiring sunset…
curacao 4

The majestic and intense ocean waves at the WestPoint, that remind me of how insignificant we really are..

Shete Boka National Park Westpoint
curacao 5

Or the revitalizing and soothing sea breeze that tingles my skin while walking along the Caracasbay boulevard..

curacao 6

Experience Curacao Through Our Eyes

Curacao-Visitor is here to provide unique insight, information and experiences of the island of Curacao. Whether you’re looking for info on;

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Even a lifetime isn’t long enough to capture all of this magic..

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." -Marcel Proust.

So, True.

It is discovering new aspects of things already familiar to us. That is True Discovery.

Your Curacao-Visitor,


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