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''How To Find Good Hotel Deals''

Hotels in Curacao simply have that unfair Caribbean advantage. hotels in curacao

- Amazing Beaches!
- Caribbean Weather!
- Charismatic People!
- Great Location!
- Breezy way of life!

Must know..

Soon to be Curacao visitor, if you're considering a hotel as a means of accommodation there are a few things you'll need to know. There are lots of Curacao hotels out there. It's surprising how many hotels you can find on this tiny speck of island!  In fact there are 35 hotels in Curacao.

Don't feel overwhelmed as I'll try to help you choose the hotel that best fits your needs. Actually the search box below will and I'll just add some personal reviews to your search results. 

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Search for the best deal on Curacao hotels now! Go ahead type in "Curacao" in the search box and you'll be amazed how fast this tool will get you only the best offerings on hotels in Curacao. I can tell you from my own experience how tempting it can be to settle for the first quotation on the internet, without doing thorough research... the love of ease, yup.

Those days are gone! This tool searches multiple hotel reservation websites simultaneously including Travelocity, Orbitz, Expedia &, to help you find the lowest rate instantly - on ANY hotel!

Finding the best bargain on Curacao hotels however will not guarantee a fulfilling stay at these hotels so I'll provide you with an unbiased review on each hotel I've had the privilege to visit. I will break this list down into three sections: luxury Curacao hotels, moderate Curacao hotels and the cheap ones.

Luxury Curacao Hotels $$$

Luxury Curacao hotels: These Hotels are real Caribbean ‘delight’; I've visited four of them. Expect all those superb luxury amenities and an unforgettable stay. 

“Curacao Top 10 Luxury Hotels”

Sunscape Curacao Resort & Casino [Hot!] – family, all-inclusive
Marriott Curacao Beach Resort – romantic, all-inclusive
Kura Hulanda Lodge – nature, secluded, luxury
Renaissance Curacao – historic, all-inclusive, downtown
Santa Barbara Curacao Beach & Golf Resort – secluded, golf, nature
Baoase Luxury Resort – private, pricey, exclusive
Blue Bay Resort Curacao – golf, bungalow, nature
Avila Hotel Curacao – royal, historic, jazz
Papagayo Curacao Beach Resort – contemporary, bungalow
Floris Suite Hotel [Favorite] – secluded, romantic, great cuisine

Moderate Curacao Hotels $$

Moderate Curacao hotels: My bet? Bunch of these out there. This is where it gets real interesting and reviews will come in handy. Since there are lots of 'average' priced hotels competition is severe and we'll need to take a look into their promises and if they live up to expectations. 

“Curacao Top 7 Moderate Hotels”

Hilton Hotel – american style, family
Lions Dive Resort – water activities, family
Kontiki Dive Resort – exotic, bungalow
Clarion Hotel Curacao – Latin-American style, WTC
Plaza Hotel Curacao – historic, downtown
Holiday Beach Hotel Curacao - Denny’s, game room
Chogogo Resort – family, bungalow

Cheap  Hotels In Curacao $

Cheap Curacao hotels: On a tight budget? Since you don't want to blow your whole budget on accommodation opting for the less posh Curacao hotel might be a good idea, but what are the real decent affordable Curacao hotels out there?

“Curacao Top 3 Cheap Hotels”

Howard Johnson Curacao – downtown, colorful
Trupial Inn Hotel & Casino – bungalow, tropical
Otrobanda Hotel - downtown, great cuisine


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