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Dolphin Encounter in the Caribbean

The Curacao Dolphin Academy is a top attraction for the whole family. There are some creatures in this world that people can have a really deep connection with. Take Dolphins for example, what is it about them that fascinate us? Why are Dolphins considered the most charming creatures in the whole world? Is it their playful nature? The adorable sounds they make? The permanent smile on their face?

I can’t quiet put a finger on it but I do know the tender feeling I get when meeting and touching a Dolphin for the first time. Sheer bliss.

Kiss, swim and play with Dolphins in Curacao, the Dolphin Academy makes this all possible. The Dolphin Academy is located at the Sea Aquarium Marine Park and has been there since 2002. Still as exhilarating as the first day they opened. Although many people had an encounter with Dolphins at Klein Curacao, the best and trainable bottlenose dolphins at the academy has been brought here from Honduras.

dolphin academy

They’ve started out with 5 Dolphins and now the academy counts a total of 20 beautiful Dolphins. These wonder creatures give spectacular shows, interact with people and also provide therapeutic interaction for children with disabilities. 

Through the years The Curacao Dolphin Academy has provided an educational entertainment for tourist and locals. People learn more about the abilities and necessities of these mammals which brings us in harmony with the marine nature. 

Dolphin Academy offers diverse encounter options with the Dolphins when you arrive. From snorkeling and open water dolphin dive to assistant trainer course and personal encounter or even swim with these affectionate creatures. 

Top 4 Dolphin Encounters @ the Curacao Dolphin Academy

”Open Water Dolphin Dive”

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Interacting with Dolphins outside the academy lagoon will enable you to see their natural behavior towards you and the surroundings. You’ll be amazed not also of the dive encounter with the dolphins but the stunning coral reefs in the area of Sea Aquarium Marine Park. 

NOTE: These are the following requirements in order to Dive with the Dolphins; dive certification, older than 12 and no pregnant women is allowed to participate (for safety issues).

”Dolphin Encounter”

curacao dolphin academy

Seems like she's having fun.. just lovely creatures! Meeting, touching, kissing the dolphins are not exclusively reserved for the children. These activities are recommended for all ages. I still have the pictures we took when visiting the park. These are the memories you’ll cherish forever. Prices are $99 per person and $50 per children between 1 and 4. 

NOTE: These are the following requirements in order to have an Dolphin encounter at the academy; no pregnant women is allowed to participate and a child younger than 8 should have a full paying parent or guardian.

”Free-dive Snorkel with the Dolphins”

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Snorkeling with Dolphins in Curacao is a rare opportunity. You don’t need the diving gears or a dive certification to participate, just a swimsuit and snorkel. The price? $184 per person for the 30 minute adventure.

NOTE: These are the following requirements in order to Snorkel with the Dolphins; pregnant woman can’t participate, you should be longer than 4.3 feet (1.30 m) and minimum age is 8

”Assistant Trainer Course”

dolphin academy 2

This comprehensive and educational course is dedicated to children. They learn from the best trainers how to interact with these mammals and additionally receive an introduction into the biology and behavior of Dolphins. The assistant trainers also get a chance to participate in a real Dolphin show.  

The course offers two options: 

  • Level 1 is more an introduction to the dolphin’s itself (e.g. Dolphin anatomy, physiology, senses, training lessons and feeding). The duration is 2x half days and cost approximately $349.   
  • Level 2 (only after completion of level 1) is a more comprehensive course (e.g. Dolphin echolocation, cognition, communication and society). The duration of level two is 3x half days and cost around $449.  

A child will never forget this kind of experience with these adorable mammals, so money well spent I say.   

NOTE: The requirements are: only children between 9 and 14 and minimum length should be 4.3 feet (1.30 m)

You really need to experience all of this for yourself, so don’t forget to visit the Curacao Dolphin Academy on your next vacation trip!

Curacao Dolphin Academy
Phone: +(5999) 465-8900
Address: Bapor Kibra z/n

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