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A Caribbean Adventure

Cycling Curacao is rapidly growing in popularity. There are more than a dozen registered Bike Clubs that organize regular rides.

Curacao has also been the scene for some important international events such as the opening round of the Mountain Bike World Cup held in the Jan Thiel area, and the annual Amstel Curacao Race, won by countless hard-core cyclists including Tour de France winner  Alberto Contador.

Mountain Biking

When you think of the Caribbean, Mountain Biking is probably not the first thing that comes to mind, right?

cycling curacao

But, whether you're in Curacao for a week or month, one of the best ways to discover its many hidden secrets is by grabbing a helmet, slapping on some sunscreen, filling up your water bottle and hopping on a mountain bike.

The Island has a wide variety of trails for all ages and experience levels, from flat easy rides to progressively more challenging and adventurous tracks.

NOTE: some of the best spots can be challenging to find, many Curacao-Visitors therefore choose to join organized tours, varying from a few hours to a full day.

Cycling Curacao

Cycling in Curacao is very popular thanks to the great efforts of organizations that have dedicated time into promoting the Race activities held on our Island both locally and internationally.

The thrill and adrenaline of competing is amazing, but imagine racing on an Island with so many beautiful sceneries to enjoy. Take a look at The Amstel Curacao Race crossing the 'floating' Emma Bridge leading to Otrobanda in Willemstad. This is history in the making.

cycling curacao 1

The Amstel Curacao Race is planned each year in November. Pedro Delgado is the fourth winner of the Tour de France participating in the 2013 Amstel Curacao Race.  Mister Delgado won the most important cycling race of the year in 1988 after an exciting battle with fellow race mates.


BMX in Curacao caters mostly to young people, and I can only agree with them. The level of energy and endurance you need to participate in these races is insane.

cycling curacao 2

The Dynamite Race Track at Koraal Specht is THE place to be for Curacao BMX competitions.  Each year multiple competitions for different age groups are held. 


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