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The Best in the Caribbean.

Curacao weather is simply amazing. But all Caribbean Islands are plagued by an unfair abnormality!

Excellent year-round weather! Curacao is no exception; as a matter of fact we are thankful for the blessings Mother Nature bestows upon us: An ideal location in the tropics but just outside the hurricane belt.

Boy, are we lucky!

The combination of a perfect location and the fact that the Island is surrounded by water makes for a breezy, warm (not hot) and sunny climate year round! Average temperature? 80° F (27° C). Refreshing trade winds that blow in from the East, what more could one ask for? A hammock, a good book and a cocktail perhaps?

Klein Curacao (Mermaid Boat Trips)
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The Caribbean Island of Curacao is just the ideal vacation destination for more than 1.6 million travelers each year. It’s no wonder that thousands of Dutch people annually leave their country for the relaxing-sunny weather in Curacao.

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Are you tired of the cold weather in your country? Then Curacao is definitely your destination for summer beach activities or a sunny Christmas. No snow storms, no wearing 20 clothes, no complaining about the cold that pinches your face!! Just pure Christmas magic with lots of firework displays, delicious food and a warm-cozy-family-island ambiance.

No Hurricane Stress

The Island is situated in the tropical zone approximately 12.1833° N of the Equator. This position is just perfectly sheltered from hurricanes that struck the Caribbean from time to time.

Of course we occasionally receive the effects of hurricanes that blast through the Caribbean but never had a landfall on the island itself. Awesome right?!

The-way-of-life!! Perfect weather, beach, beer and family.
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Dotted with ivory beaches and remote rocky coast, Curacao semi-arid climate contributes to the island crystal clear seas that offer visibility up to 150 Ft and year round perfect temperature.

Can you imagine that Curacao is often named one of the best Scuba Diving and snorkeling destinations in the world? We are special for Scuba diving magazines and scuba divers around the world.

YES, we are the best and we know it!! No hurricane stress and no minus degree temperatures. Curacao weather is to die for indeed.

Crystal-clear water @ Banda Abou
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Rainy Days in Paradise

The Tropical Savannah Climate makes for a combination of wet and dry seasons. If you’re visiting during the late fall/winter months; say from October to February the island of Curacao is sporadically showered by rain. You might be thinking that these rainy days are not welcome.

But how wrong can you be. The earthy yet pleasant smell, the coziness that it brings and the joy of the rainbow you can contemplate afterwards, are all highly appreciated on the island of Curacao.

Rainbow after 5min Rain @ Marazul
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These infrequent small storms (that mostly occur during the night) are also essential for Curacao’s vegetation. Even though this season is known for rainy days, we have predominantly sunny weather in Curacao during morning and evenings. The island receives only 20” of rainfall annually and 5” to 6” of rain per month in this season.

Not bad right?!.

Tropical storms passing in the neighbor can create cloudy weather for max 2 days (very uncommon though). As a Curacao-Visitor you only need to plan your trip according to the weather or season you love and for that you just need to look for the daily weather forecast information on our pages. Monthly average Curacao weather information can also be insightful for your visit. For more info see below.

Bad weather is not a problem in Curacao.
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Monthly Curacao Weather 

Curacao weather conditions are not predictable more than a week in advance, but weather averages are great parameters of what to anticipate month-by-month on the island of Curacao. This information will help you take the best decision weather-wise.

See for yourself

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Current Weather


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