Curacao Villa…
I'd Sure Love To Live Here...How About You?

Have you always dreamt of owning a Curacao Villa or a property in the Caribbean?

Year-round awesome weather, a location just outside of the hurricane belt and a picture perfect ocean view enjoyed from your own balcony.

What more could one ask for? These villas can be found in many upscale residential areas scattered throughout the island.

curacao villas

 A few honorable mentions are the Spanish Water Resort and Coral Estate Resort. Both residential areas offer 24/7 security in a gated community. 

Spanish Water Resort, Where Living Is The Ultimate Pleasure..

On the south side of Curacao, to the east of Willemstad you'll find the most beautiful of all residential areas in Curacao. Spanish water resort, the place where the Spanish explorers set foot on Curacao’s soil.

After total investments of 220 million ANG, this place developed into a beautiful residential area of luxurious Curacao villas with unparalleled amenities. Spanish water resort is the no.1 upscale residential area in Curacao.

curacao villas 1

It is the place where the rich and famous (Gloria Estefan, Dutch King Willem-Alexander) have secured their water parcels. Enjoy the millionaires' rows while kayaking in this fascinating lagoon.

I call this place the Caribbean 'blue lagoon'. To wake up in this paradise, enjoy the view, sniff the sea breeze, see all those beautiful  villas, is a true privilege. Not to mention the sunset.. 

Took this picture around sunset
curacao villas 2
Spanish Water Resort - Can you imagine yourself owning this property?
curacao villas 3

Coral Estate Villas, A True Utopian Feeling.. 

This giant villa is located in one of Curacao’s exclusive residential areas, the Coral estate resort. The villa is located directly at the clear blue waters of the Caribbean Sea resulting in amazing, nah just breathtaking views. Be prepared, for a moment in paradise.

curacao villas 4

The downside is that this villa is not for rent. I'm sorry If I'd just burnt your dreams to thin ashes. Unless you just happen to have a spare 2 million dollars . I have some good news though.

Coral estate offers a whole range of Curacao villas and some of those are for rent. A Curacao villa rental may not be the cheapest accommodation if you're traveling alone, however, sharing the heavy burden with a friend or 4 can result in an unforgettable vacation.

curacao villas 5

For example:  You could rent their cheapest villa for 150 bucks per night and split this with your friends.

The benefits are obvious, as you'll have a private villa, a private pool and all the freedom in the world to throw late pool parties, BBQ's etc.

Plus, there's no Curacao hotel that would charge you only 50 bucks per night. When you look at the actual cost of a villa rental, on a per person basis, it is often much more cost effective and thus recommendable.

curacao villas 6

The cheapest Curacao villa rental at the Coral Estate. This villa rental includes all the basic amenities (air-conditioning, dishwasher, microwave etc.) and it can accommodate up to four people.

The villa itself is pretty 'basic' but the magnificent ocean view makes it worth every penny! Imagine yourself floating on the pool surface, a mojito in your right hand while your friends are preparing some delicious BBQ.

My Curacao Villa...

Do you ever find yourself picturing your dream home? You have a vague idea but you don’t know the exact details or location, yet? If I were to build my dream home it would be on a dream paradise, such as Curacao.

This dream villa would include.. two basic must-haves for all Caribbean villas: An ocean view and a swimming pool of course for those late pool parties. Yep, I'm a true bonvivant. I feel no shame.

Curacao Dream Villa
curacao villas 7

I’m a huge fan of Dutch architect & interior designer Jan des Bouvrie..This guy has actually built my dream villa. On Curacao! Can you believe it? So, there it sits waiting...for me to finally move in. I wished I had half a million bucks.

"The Queen of elegance and beauty, dressed in white with such good taste for style and modernism yet classic and timeless.."
curacao villas 8

I’m no castle builder. For the happy few, who can afford this Curacao villa: Jan des Bouvries has designed 9 contemporary villas and a few are still available for sale. The villas range from 500.000 to 1.500.000 USD.

Isn't this villa simply breathtaking at night?
curacao villas 8


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