Curacao Vacations…
Step-by-Step Introduction

WARNING: Curacao Vacations are addictive, life-altering and utterly frustrating when back home!

Welcome to your vacation!
curacao vacations

This introduction to your Vacation in Curacao will guide you from:

  • Step 1: Getting to Curacao.
  • Step 2: Find a Curacao accommodation that suits your vacation needs.
  • Step 3: Flintstones-cars are not practical at all in Curacao, thus renting a reliable car with air-conditioning is a must in Curacao.
  • Step 4: Indulge the Caribbean cuisine that leaves your taste buds asking for more. 
  • Step 5: Things to do during Curacao vacations.
  • Step 6: When see you soon is not a question, but a FACT.

Step 1: Getting to Curacao

Remarkably, many people think that flying to a small Caribbean Island just like Curacao can be exhaustive because you might need different connections (and hours of flight) before landing on the island itself. But that’s not our case!

Affordable direct flights from USA, Europe or South America are available on a daily basis for this hidden treasure in the Caribbean. Curacao International Airport has direct connection with 25 destinations. Some are seasonal but most of them are daily or weekly flights to Curacao. These destinations are:

curacao vacations 1
Shopping @ Curacao Airport
curacao vacations 2

So the things is; depending on which country you are coming from, you will find direct connections, or a flight with 1 connection. More than that is not necessary, considering that our airport is easily reachable from the main destinations around the world.

You can book a cheap flight to Curacao, but you have to do some homework first. The price of the flights varies a lot, depending on the season, which country you’re coming from and which airline you’re flying with.

Curacao International Airport
curacao vacations 3

Curacao International Airport was renovated in 2006 into a modern airport, but still holds the ambiance and charm of a Caribbean Island. The first thing you will notice is the relax vibe the staff of Curacao’s Airport have. Random people smiling and greeting you is just normal when you visit my Island. 

The immigration counter is the first check point you will encounter after getting off the airplane. There are two rows. One for tourists and one for residents. 

If you want things to speed up when you're there, make sure to fill in the immigration papers you will get on the flight to Curacao before landing. This will spare you at least 15 minutes. After passing the immigration point your next step is to go find your luggage.

This process shouldn’t take much time. After picking up your luggage your final check point is the immigration luggage security screening. They will pass your luggage through a scanner so to see if everything is okay.

The best part is coming!!

After passing the baggage screening you will be walking towards the door to your Curacao Vacation. This final door will slide open and….. VOILA; a wave of heat embraces your skin. Oh boy! I call it the intense and warm Caribbean welcome...YES your Caribbean vacation has begun!

Step 2: Curacao Accommodations

The next step is finding a hotel, resort or villa to stay. In order to get there you need to hop into a taxi, a shuttle or get a rental car. If rental car is your option don’t miss step 3..

Curacao provides an ample variety of options. From super exotic-luxurious and cozy resorts like Baoase Luxury Resort to the simple-affordable hotel located downtown named Otrobanda Hotel & Casino.

The crucial question is; “What type of vacation are you hoping to get from Curacao?”

All-Inclusive Curacao vacations? Adventurous? Laidback-Sunbathing-Beach Curacao vacations?

Let’s start with the Resorts! Curacao has at least 15 mind-blowing resorts that will accommodate you year-round. They all have a unique thing to offer. The ambiances are different, their services and facilities vary depending where they are located and the price-range differs as well. Yes! The prices vary from affordable ($ 75 per night) to very expensive and exclusive ($630 per night) ones.

Curacao Resort

Advantages:  Curacao resorts offer you everything you need for awesome Curacao vacations on their own property. As a result, these resorts in general bring accommodation to you as a Curacao-visitor but also delicious food, exotic drinks, fitness, fun beach activities, and shops.

curacao vacations 4

Curacao offers numerous types of resorts from day spa, beach resorts, to adventurous resorts, to luxurious and all-inclusive ones.

A great example is Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort Curacao. My conclusion is thus that for your Curacao vacation trip, a resort can be a wonderful place to stay.

Curacao Hotels

Opting for a Hotel instead? Curacao Hotels are scattered throughout the island. You can consider at least 20 hotels to choose from and in the near future this number will keep on growing. Hotels located downtown are generally cheaper, but cheaper doesn’t mean that the service and quality is inferior!

City-like hotels are perfect for the Curacao-visitor looking for local and tourist activities day and night. Luxurious hotels in Curacao (e.g. Floris Suite Hotel) will provide you with high-end comfort, cozy surroundings, privacy, stunning suites and an intimate restaurant called Sjalotte. What more can you ask for?

Curacao Villas

What about Villas? Curacao Villas are available for sale or for rent. The starting price of the Villas is about half a million USD and can go up to $2 million. Believe me, every penny you pay is worth it. Jan des Bouvrie is one of the architects that have created mind-blowing villas at the coast of the island.

Dutch architect & interior designer Jan des Bouvrie..
curacao vacations 5

BUT if you’re not into buying Curacao villas, renting is also a choice. Rental villas vary between $45 - $2000 per week.

NOTE: These prices can fluctuate during high and low season.

Curacao Apartments

Here is another option if you’re not interested in those above; Curacao Apartments. There are plenty of apartments for rent on the island. There are two options actually.

curacao vacations 6

Apartment designated for locals but owners don’t mind renting it to tourists (you just need to make a reservation in time) and apartments especially made and strategically located for tourists.

We had a great time at the ocean front apartments of Marazul dive Resort and All West Apartments (they are highly recommended). Apartments are an excellent choice for independent Curacao vacations.

Step 3: Your Ride across the Island

The thing that makes Curacao real and different is the raw authenticity that the city, nature, history and culture provide for the locals and tourists. But in order to discover all the facets of this hidden Caribbean treasure, a rental car is a must. Public transportation is limited and they’re not so reliable either.

curacao vacations 7

Not into driving on a foreign island? Not a problem at all. You can still enjoy the magic of Curacao. Taxi is your second option.

Taxi services are generally found at the airport, in downtown Willemstad (Punda & Otrobanda), the majority of hotels and main attractions on the island. They are a bit pricey but the great thing is that you don’t need to stress about parking and gasoline expenses.

BEWARE: By taking only taxi trips you might miss out on those breath-taking and unique spots (e.g. watamula) - things that you’ll never experience elsewhere.

curacao vacations 8

Discovering the island of Curacao can take place in several ways. By foot, car, motorcycle, boat, mountain bike, buggy, tour bus, helicopter, ATV ride etcetera.

You don’t need an adventurous heart to explore, but rather an urge to experience and see new unique and amazing landscapes that will be engraved in your memories forever.

Step 4: Eat & Drink: Curacao Restaurants

Living in the Netherlands and yearning for Curacao vacations isn’t easy. Especially on those cold winter days. I was not made to live in cold weather, so a visit to Curacao at least once a year is a must.

Escaping the hectic life in Holland is undoubtedly a necessity also (health-wise). The things I miss the most when not in Curacao are; The warmth of the Sun, the azure sea, the relaxing ambiance and Curacao’s cuisine.

Wine and Dine @ Bistro Le Clochard overlooking Punda
curacao vacations 9

Let’s talk about things that are just PRICELESS. Imagine eating a grilled tuna salad with some chilled white wine (Cervaro Della Sala Antinori), contemplating at the same time the spectacular view overlooking the UNESCO world heritage buildings in Punda, Willemstad.

Your dining location? Rif Fort; which dates back to historic days in 1828. The name of the Restaurant? Bistro Le Clochard!

Nice weather + cold beer + amazing view overlooking Otrobanda = Priceless
curacao vacations 10

If you haven’t visited Curacao yet, YOU ARE MISSING OUT!

The relaxation you get from Curacao vacations are good for your heart and soul [guaranteed].

P.S A huge cruise ship can pop up anytime in the harbor of Willemstad. Your amazing view will be enhanced in just a few minutes with enormous cruises that visit Curacao frequently.

Step 5: Things to do in Curacao

There is so much to do during Curacao vacations that I can’t mention everything. Water activities are endless just because the island is completely surrounded by water. Unique historic places that have been recognized by UNESCO, natural caves, liquor factory, Ostrich farms…..And more

But the must-do’s are…

curacao vacations 11

See more of the Top 25 Things To-Do In Curacao. 

Step 6: See you Soon!

In the beginning I’ve told you that; See you soon at Step 6 will not be a question but rather a fact.

You agree right?!

As a Curacao-visitor you are chained for life to this amazing Caribbean island. Visiting more than once is just a normal thing for those who leave.

KLM take off to the Netherlands
curacao vacations 12

That nostalgic feeling that starts building up in your belly when you look back through the window of your airplane….. leaving behind this hidden Caribbean treasure.

I can promise you this: you will return to have JUST ONE MORE Curacao Vacation.

A&A leaving the coast of Curacao
curacao vacations 13

Curacao Vacations...

You know you’ve been to Curacao..

  • When you’ve seen those ugly suckers called “iguanas” literally everywhere and had your best Pina Colada at the Iguana Cafe while enjoying the UNESCO World Heritage view of Punda.
  • When you’ve thought of quitting your day job back home and start afresh as a fisherman in Curacao.. (Yes, some tourists have reached this point of desperation. Can you blame them?)
  • When you’ve witnessed Mother Nature’s love for Curacao each single day, in a different way..
  • When you’ve been working your butt off trying to make a few millions, so that you could buy a piece of this paradise..

Curacao Vacations: just love them. For now, it’s all I have. Living in Curacao?

Perhaps, in the near near future..!


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