Curacao Restaurants…
''Wine, Dine and these Restaurants''

Curacao Restaurants have something for everyone. Whether you’re elegantly dressed for some haute cuisine or just want to grab some delicious barbeque, Curacao got you covered.

Curacao is the island for the bon vivant. Meaning that these people are dedicated to great eating.

If you’re feeling frenzied that you must forego your favorite fast curacao restaurants food chain while vacationing in Curacao; get over it. You’ll easily access familiar haunts like MacDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Subway’s and Haagen Dazs throughout the island.

For the only slightly more adventurous food fan, you’ll also find a fair share of European cuisine with several French and Dutch restaurants scattered about.


Atop the hill at the entrance of Curacao’s harbor stands the 18th century fortress Fort Nassau.

curacao restaurants 1

A real gourmet Curacao Restaurant with a spectacular 360 degree view, especially at night. Fine dining but still reasonably priced for this quality. The beef tenderloin in peppercorn sauce is "absolutely yummie".

curacao restaurants 2

The panoramic view overlooks the harbor, downtown Willemstad and the Juliana bridge. You haven’t seen Curacao if you haven’t been to Fort Nassau!

Average Menu: 33 USD


This open-air Curacao restaurant is situated between upper scale Jan Thiel and Spanish Water Resort. It sits on the porch of a historic 18th-century plantation house. 

curacao restaurants 3

Dine under the stars and enjoy a good salad bar and their grilled specialties, while enjoying some tropical music.

Average Menu: 26 USD

Curacao Restaurant: SJALOTTE $$

Sjalotte is established as one of the best restaurants on the island. It’s the open-air restaurant of the FLORIS SUITE HOTEL. 

curacao restaurants 4

Great hotel by the way, private setting and wonderful staff. I’ve stayed at this secluded 4 star hotel twice and I have to agree their restaurant certainly is the best!

The only thing that’s missing is the ocean view but culinary speaking ‘’fine dining’’ at its best.

Average Menu: 27 USD


This is the ultimate ‘’fine dining’’ by the sea experience. This Curacao restaurant is located at the French Rif Fort Village, with other great restaurants, cinema, and bars. 

curacao restaurants 5
This picture perfect view awaits you at le Clochard...
curacao restaurants 6

Le Clochard is Curacao true French-inspired ‘’haute cuisine’’ and bound to please your palate.

Average Menu: 33 USD

Eat on the Cheap in Curacao $

Having a Cheap Curacao Vacation is all about managing your budget. Sure you can enjoy life while managing your money. I’ll tell you how. Visit one of those superb gourmet Curacao Restaurants once; enjoy the romantic view at Bistro le Clochard. You’re having vacation, so go ahead. But, yeah the Big But is that these gourmet restaurants can take a huge share of your vacation budget. So you’ll need some tips on  Cheap Restaurants or alternatives before heading to Curacao. 

curacao restaurants 7

You’re likely to find Cheap Restaurant at those beautiful waterfront cafes in Punda but if you want ‘’real cheap eats’’ stroll through the maze of back street alleys and you’ll be amazed at the global stew of international mini-restaurants to choose from. 

The “Snack Bars” in Curacao are actually small structures along the side of the road. Often covered with bars and an open window where orders can be passed. These snack bars are always busy, from early in the morning until late in the evening. 

curacao restaurants 8

People who want quick, delicious and cheap food gather at these places. It is one of the most important meeting places for everyone. Coziness and local atmosphere is guaranteed. You can order everything; chicken wings, sandwiches, ice cream and beer including the famous pastries called “pastechi”. 

There is more than 325 Snack Bars in Curacao so you have plenty of choice to choose from. But the popular ones are “Golden Gate Terrace”, “Snek Porta Blanco”, Kabuya Snek” and “Mi Lucha Snek”

curacao restaurants 9

Lastly; when you’ve finished club hopping in Curacao make a stop at one of the many after hour food trucks and local eateries where for pocket change you can purchase plenty of yummy food.


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