Curacao Resorts…
''Top 5 Resorts To Check-In''

Curacao Resorts really are something else. Simply, cause they have that "unfair Caribbean advantage":

Beautiful turquoise beaches, awesome staff with genuine mega-watt smiles, btw it’s amazing how they all speak 4 languages! And of course all those superb 5 star hotel facilities.. Private beaches, world class restaurants, great spas, just to name a few…

This small magnificent island has the best resorts, from which I’ve visited all during the 20 years I’ve been visiting Curacao.

curacao resorts

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Top 5 Curacao Resorts

MARRIOTT CURACAO…equals a mind-blowing experience. Words can do no justice, just take a look yourself.

curacao resorts 1

So this is how the pool area looks like at night.. - Btw, all yours past 9 PM. You can't miss the silent whisper ''world-class''. Bartender, a strawberry daiquiri please! - Enjoying the finer things in life!

curacao resorts 2

A great place for romantic walks on the beach with hammocks, that are great for star gazing at night. Hearing the splash of the water caressing the shores of Curacao, has got to be the most relaxing sound ever.

curacao resorts 3

Even though I plan to visit as many different hotels I can each time I visit, I would still stay at least a weekend at Marriot Beach Resort.

My first visit to Marriott Curacao was in November 2008. I spent my second week at the Floris Suite Hotel [4 Star], a two minute walk from Marriott and I've become a raving fan ever since.I thought it was a Five Star Hotel all the way.

Anyways, Marriott Beach Resort in a summary? Exceptional service and beauty all around!

RENAISSANCE CURACAO RESORT & CASINO is one of the best 5 Star Hotels in Curacao. Aimed at the high-end tourist, this hotel deserves 2000 cool points for its breathtaking infinity pool/ beach.

Looks are deceiving….this is not a real beach, it's a gorgeous infinity pool with the look and feel of a beautiful Curacao beach. Infinity pool/beach overlooking the Caribbean sea - Find true relaxation here..

curacao resorts 4
Renaissance by Air, Juliana Bridge and Punda in the background
curacao resorts 5

So first impressions  of Renaissance Resort, let’s see… overly luxurious, unique design, very colorful, a cool shopping mall with renowned brands. Great location, very central, and if you love to grab a movie, it has its own movie theater called The Cinemas.

It's also near the historic Rif Fort area, where lots of great restaurants are located.

The infinity Pool Overlooking The Mega Port.
curacao resorts 6
The 'Happy' lounge room, I love the colors.
curacao resorts 7


Both Curacao Resorts are founded by Dutch philanthropist  Jacob Gelt Dekker. So, what do you prefer? Do you want ultimate relaxation or a taste of the island's history? Well, relaxation is my thing, so we'll get to the history part later.

The ultimate Curacao Resort to relax and enjoy water sports
curacao resorts 8

I would not recommend this resort to the party freaks, since it's a bit remote. WestPoint is not the place where you'll find the great night clubs. If a five star resort is a must, then visit the Renaissance Curacao resort, located in downtown Willemstad in other words in the ''midst of all action''..

curacao resorts 9

If you're really into water activities, relaxing, nature etc. then Kura Hulanda Lodge is the place to visit. It was voted the number one place to dive and snorkeling in the Caribbean.

Kura Hulanda (Willemstad) has a typical 'old' Dutch look and feel to it..
curacao resorts 10

If you want to know more about Curacao and its history, however, you should visit the Kura Hulanda, located in Willemstad. It has a Kura Hulanda slavery museum, for those interested in the early slavery culture.

curacao resorts 11

BAOASE LUXURY RESORT - Besides the obvious luxury Baoase Resort must be one of the most private resorts on this island.

This resort really is something different.  The landscaping is exotic, inspiring and provides a lot of privacy. Expect the usual high-end amenities a 5 star resort provides and more! The staff really gets the concept of over-delivering. Don’t be surprised by attentive gestures after your check-in. 

Located near the Sea Aquarium and popular Curacao beaches such as the Mambo Beach, this relatively small and intimate resort is perfect for honeymoons, anniversary celebrations and other private events.

curacao resorts 12

While somewhat pricier Baoase resort really is the best thing you’ll come across when you just want to enjoy some peace and quiet with your loved ones amidst sheer luxury.

curacao resorts 13

SANTA BARBARA CURACAO - Luxury resort that will keep you busy.

Imagine a resort where you can laze at an enormous private beach or pools and treat yourself to an amazing golf course or enjoy the many water activities all in one place. Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort makes this possible.

curacao resorts 14

Now, go ahead and top that with an amazing ocean view enjoyed from your balcony. This resort in one word: an off the beaten path paradise.

curacao resorts 15

If you want to do some beach hopping or visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Willemstad, make sure you have a rental car since the resort is a bit remote.


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