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Curacao nightlife, Nah...... Curacao in general is all about "enjoying life": I love to call this island the Caribbean capital of hedonism. curacao nightlife Why? The people on Curacao are always looking for the slightest reason to throw a party. To enjoy each and every moment. Carpe diem! And of course on Curacao, the night as well.

Remember, this is the Caribbean, so don't expect that crazy Las Vegas nightlife. In the Caribbean the most popular way to spend an enjoyable night out usually starts with or revolves around happy hours. Prepare yourself as the Curacao nightlife is about to start.

Happy hour falls into three categories: the lounge type, the by-the beach type or the dancing type. And two things are without doubt part of the Curacao Nightlife; Booze & Music.

So let me take you to the places where you can find both and more…


The weekend in Curacao starts on Thursday night.

Avila Blues Bar “Jazzy-Landia - nice ambiance”

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The night starts perhaps with a drink by the ocean and watching the sunset while listening to a live jazz band during the happy hour from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM at Blues at the Avila Hotel. A second happy hour starts around 10:00 PM it is when the place really gets going.

Jacob’s Bar and Terrace “A more laid-back Curacao bar”

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When I’m in the mood for a more relaxed pre-dinner atmosphere I head to Jacob’s Bar at the Kura Hulanda. Here you can enjoy classic Caribbean music such as calypso, rumba and meringue from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM, for a more laid-back Curacao Nightlife, while sipping martinis and feasting on tapas. Life is good!

TMF Café “The place to be for theme-nights”

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For the young traveler: The Music Factory Café is a must-visit Curacao Bar. Here is where the younger crowd gathers around 9 pm and parties to hot disco tunes pumped out by the DJ or Band. At 10:00 PM till 11:00 PM they have Happy Hour time.

Club Cinco “Dance your shoes off”

curacao nightlife 4

For those who prefer to hit the dance floor, head on over to Cinco Night at Club Cinco, the absolute Thursday night hangout on the island. Dj Tico gets everyone moving from 10:00 PM on and will have you dancing nonstop! My favorite among Curacao Nightclubs.

Curacao Nightlife: FRIDAY NIGHT 

After your Thursday night warm-up, the official start for the Curacao Nightlife, you’ll be ready to hit the scene on Friday.

In most places the crowds start pouring in as the workday draws to a close and they are still going strong hours past midnight.

Omundo Restaurant & Wine Bar “Comfy-relaxed furnishings”

curacao nightlife 5

Start the weekend right with the ’Weekend Kick-Off’’ Happy Hour from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM at Omundo Restaurant & Wine Bar. They have an extensive by-the-glass wine bar. But I’m no wine connoisseur, I just go there to enjoy the smooth jazz, kick back and relax. By the way, try their frozen mojito. One of the best on the island!

Zuikertuin Mall “Bar hopping for the night”

curacao nightlife 6

For the bar-hoppers, Zuikertuin Mall area is the place to be on Friday. The place where the Curacao Nightlife gets real spicy. This is where you’ll find Omundu but also Grand Café De Heeren and Asia de Cuba. The most heavily visited Curacao bars and clubs on Friday night. The scene practically turns into a street party as the night progresses and people drift from one bar to another.

Asia de Cuba “For the Latin-lovers”

curacao nightlife 7

At Asia you'll find a live band playing salsa and Cuban music starting at 5:00 PM. After a dinner break, the partying continues as DJ Boogieman comes on at 10:00 PM. Once you step in the music will definitely keep you in there!

Grand Café de Heeren “Open air and indoor Bar”

curacao nightlife 8

When you visit Asia de Cuba make sure you hop over to Café de Heeren. It's really a one-minute walk and the atmosphere is just as electric in there.

Saint Tropez Oceanclub “Viva La Friday”

curacao nightlife 9

The Saint Tropez Oceanclub is in one sentence: Sheer indulgence. Every Friday from 6:00 PM till 7:00 PM they have happy hour time celebrating “Viva la Friday”. It really defines Curacao Nightlife. And the next happy hour starts at 9:00 PM till 10:00 PM. 



On Saturday, the club scene begins later, but please don’t let this stop you from enjoying some early cocktails with newfound friends.

Zanzibar & Tinto “Cozy-breeze ambiance like nowhere else”

curacao nightlife 10

These two Restaurants/Bars located at Jan Thiel Beach are a great place to start off your weekend. On Saturday say, 5:00 PM, I head out to Zanzibar or Tinto while the sun is still shining and then stay to watch it set. My favorite cocktail at Zanzi's? Would definitely be the 'mudslide'. An absolute ''toast'' to life. The occasion? Simply, loving life.

Asia de Cuba “For the Latin-lovers”

curacao nightlife 11

Missed the Friday Salsa Night? Saturday at Asia de Cuba offers up another opportunity to practice your salsa and a different way to experience the Curacao nightlife.. Go for dinner and stay for the live Cuban band.

Mambo Beach “The place to be for Beach-euphoric ambiance and energy”

curacao nightlife 12

These Beachside Nightclubs tend to draw in a younger crowd, with the action beginning after 10:00 PM and often really getting going after midnight. These hot spots are heavily visited by especially Dutch students. Another favorite among Curacao Nightclubs.

Riffort Village & Sopranos “An exclusive Historic ambiance”

curacao nightlife 13

If you’re not much into the dancing scene or unluckily just twist your leg while skating down the Caracas Bay Boulevard…. it happened to me. Auch painful memory, anyways you can still enjoy the best Curacao has to offer. No need for this to spoil your, well actually my Curacao night out. 

Saturday night is Mafia night at the Sopranos and those who come dressed like mobsters will receive a free drink. But the real fun is to sing along to great tunes with a live piano-man and not caring if you’ve hit a wrong note! Riffort Village has also other great Bar options in the open area of the Historic Fort. Make sure to visit these as well.

Bermuda “Where you find literally everybody”

curacao nightlife 14

On Saturday night Bermuda between 22:00 PM and 4:00 AM is the hottest place to be on Curacao. Located at the Waaigat in Punda this Caribbean party palace has a total of five bars and covers three areas. Each area caters to a different crowd, so expect young and old, tourists and locals. This is the place to be to experience the Curacao nightlife.

The garden area (North Area) is where you will find spectacular light shows, international DJs and as usual will be packed. The South area is more intimate and has a dance floor to keep salsa lovers happy till midnight. I had a great time practicing my salsa moves. It’s a good thing that this area is fully air-conditioned! The West area serves as a lounge and is excellent for a chit-chat while having a drink or two.


Sunday is unofficially beach day on Curacao. Locals and tourists all head to the 38 different beaches to say farewell to the weekend.

Hemingway “Remarkable Beach Bar/Terrace”

curacao nightlife 15

Hemingway at the Lions dive beach resort has a casual happy hour with live bands starting at 6:30 PM as well as a Cuban buffet. Further down the beach, the hippest beach party gets underway as the islands best DJs pump out hot tracks at Wet ‘n Wild Beach Club, the happiest hour of the week.  Try some punch while swaying to Juan Luis Guerra's greatest hits!

BBQ at Caracas Bay “Memories in the making”

curacao nightlife 16

Since Sunday is pretty much Beach day on Curacao... If you’re visiting Curacao with a bunch of friends or families, why not throw a BBQ slash beach party at Caracas Bay? My friends do. Swim, Beach volley, enjoy those delicious spare ribs, yummie.. 

Since it's not the most popular beach, you can BBQ, play some volleyball and chill there till midnight.

Beach Bonfire “The Curacao way of Life”

curacao nightlife 17

The perfect recipe for a great Sunday time with friends and families can be also a Bonfire at the Beach. There are countless options on the Island where you can gather, play some music, eat some marshmallows and drink some wine. Cheers to Curacao Nightlife!

NOTE: Make sure that the beach you choose gives permission for Bonfires on the Beach (especially the private beaches).


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