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Know Your Way Around in Curacao

A Curacao map can come in quite handy when you want to find all those amazing beaches, restaurants, dive sites and unique landmarks every-body’s talking about.

Sure you can find one at a local Tourist Office. But, life is so advanced these days. And so is Google's technology: Google maps.

If you're a soon to be Curacao-visitor, this can be very helpful. Remember, Curacao is an island, so don't expect an overly high detailed map. Be realistic, a city like New York is probably better defined in the Google maps.

curacao map

Your Curacao Map [Google]

There are maps and there are maps that tell a little story.  I came across this great tool for Google Maps. You can add annotations, review places, restaurants, beaches, clubs etc. So here's my attempt at providing more than a regular map. I’ve added my personal reviews to sites worth visiting. So whenever you see an annotation that will be me.

Enjoy your virtual stay!

"Map of Curacao"

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But if you want to explore the island, its restaurants, beaches, hotels and dive sites or get used to the names and places this map can provide you with great info. Also included are pictures of restaurants, dive sites, hotels and beaches. This is a great way to get a first impression of the island and plan your vacation effectively.

I know how frustrating it is to ‘try’ to coordinate all those places you want to visit in relation to your hotel, especially when you’re a first-time Curacao-Visitor.

Our map provides you with a complete list of popular ‘touristy’ Curacao hotels from budget hotels to real exclusive high-end hotels. In addition, you will find the top 23 Curacao Beaches and their amenities.

A comprehensive directory of Curacao Restaurants is also included. If you’ve already booked your hotel, just look it up in our map and look for restaurants, beaches, dive sites etc. nearby to see pictures and get your very first impression.

NOTE:  If you find it impossible to find certain spots on the island or on the map.  Don’t be afraid to ask. I’m sure the warm and friendly people of Curacao will be delighted to help you in any situation you might encounter during your vacation on the island.


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