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''Floris Suite: The Single Most Secluded Hotel''

This Curacao hotel FLORIS SUITE HOTEL is located in the Piscadera Bay area. I was there back in February 2012 and I am still blown away each and every time I visit (since 2009).

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The place is squeaky clean, well decorated (by Jan des Bouvrie) and the food just surreal! Sjalotte Restaurant is definitely one of the reasons why Curacao made the top 4 best islands culinary speaking. It is the place for romantic getaways. I booked one of their Junior Suites the first time. My design suite was neat and comfortable, furnished with designer furniture, natural stone floors and mahogany doors. The suite features a living room with queen size bed, sofa, air-conditioning, ceiling fan, TV, telephone and a safe. Mine was faced to the pool and had its own private patio.

At night, I would step out and walk straight to the pool where I’d just get my feet wet and have a drink or two with my partner. We sat there for hours, talking about how much we loved this place, the island, the people, the culture, the weather...

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The pool area is perfect for star gazing at night and it’s all yours.  Hit one of those pool beds and let the night sky guide you to an almost perfect dimension… A place so quiet where the soft Piscadera Bay breeze, the illuminating stars and the gentle grip of my lovers hand would assure me that this is indeed heaven.

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We loved it. And guess what, we had a good look at their Royal Suite during our second trip. The Royal Suite has a spacious living room a larger kitchenette, a fully equipped kitchen actually, designed by des Bouvrie. This hotel is a few steps away from an amazing beach called Pirate Bay. Happy hours are held at this place. 

I loved it and would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a private and luxurious base from which to explore the island. Try your luck at the Marriott Emerald Casino a short walk from Floris!

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