Curacao Golf…
Hit a hole-in-one on your first Caribbean swing!

Curacao Golf -  Concentrate, relax and swing…hoping for the best I may say. I pretty much fall in the category of a beginner; nevertheless I love to enjoy the nature, view and breeze while golfing in Curacao. The beautiful coastline of the Island is a postcard perfect view…. What more can a golfer ask for?

The Weather in Curacao is perfect for playing golf. Sunny days, perfect wind streams and a great scenery. The Island boasts 3 awesome golf course, namely: Curacao Squash & Golf Club (9-hole golf course). Blue Bay Golf & Beach Resort (18-hole golf course). Santa Barbara Old Quarry Golf Course (18-hole golf course).  


Unlike the typical sun, sand & beach tropical island….. Curacao is different and has a lot more to offer.  Tiger Wood fans, beware!  Golf-experts have announced that the Blue Bay Resort golf-course will rank amongst the Top 50 of the world. I’m not really ‘’into’’ golf.  But if you are…and you just happen to visit Curacao you might want to give this 18 holes golf-course a good look.

The Blue Bay resort golf-course. What a view!
curacao golf

Here is a Curacao-visitor's review on Blue Bay Golf Course: “Blue Bay is in overall a good course that has some exceptional seaside holes plus some challenging but slightly stock away from the coast holes. The Golf green conditions are pretty good, but gets a bit firm and difficult to hold if they get too dehydrated. The wind on Curacao is pretty consistent which enhances the difficulty of the course significantly”.

Blue Bay Golf & Beach Resort
Phone: +(5999) 868-1755
Address: Landhuis Blauw z/n, Willemstad

curacao golf 1


Save the best for last!. Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort has the Old Quarry Golf Course which is located at the Santa Barbara Plantation, designed to fade in the natural ambiance of the Island itself

curacao golf 2

The Golf course overlooking the Caribbean Sea includes a 72 Parm championship golf course designed by the well known Pete Dye, and is THE best on the Island. See for yourself in the video below, why this golf course is considered the best in Curacao.

Old Quarry Golf Course
Phone: +(5999) 840-6886
Address: Nieuwpoort, Fuik

curacao golf 3


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