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"Get a culinary taste of Curacao!"

The typical Local Curacao food restaurant will offer you a mix of Latin American, African and European curacao food cuisine. Curacao’s distinctive dishes are stews of goat meat, chicken, fish or vegetables. From traditional to chic, anything is possible. One thing is clear: the food is delicious.

So if you’re interested in traditional local food, my advice would be to visit: Marsche Bieuw, the Old Market in Willemstad. They serve affordable Curacao cuisine. The restaurant is arranged in a convenient manner resulting in overly fast service.

The market has different cooking stations where the food is prepared on soft charcoal fire in large pans. It is very busy especially during lunch break (12:00-14:00) but you are surrounded by amazing aromatic scents of all the delicious food. No fancy plates, just delicious and inexpensive food.

The tables are colored dresses with plastic, which gives a cheerful sight. Authentic meals like; salted meat, goat stew, fried banana, sour cucumber, and sour sop juice are just the daily taste/meals served at this market.

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Golden Star, the second best place to find local food on the island! The great thing about this place is its laid back atmosphere. Watch some American sports on TV while enjoying your favorite local dish.

Food Trucks are my next recommendation. These trucks offer a great mix of local Curacao food and international cuisine. They are heavily visited in the evening hours when the Curacao nightlife draws to a close. The nightly indulgers can quickly get a sandwich, with lomito, chicken, pork, beef or kebab. For a few bucks you are well served.

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Jaanchies is definitely a must. A visit to WestPoint Curacao is without doubt a part of the Curacao Vacation. Jaanchies is a small and modest restaurant along the road to WestPoint. This rustic dining is famous throughout Curacao and a favorite destination for both residents as tourists.

Air Curacao Restaurant; this air plane restaurant really serves the best Giambo (local  soup) on the island. 

Curacao Food & Dessert

A meal is not complete without a dessert and in Curacao the traditional curacao food 3sweets are just delightful. While some might be too sugary (for those not accustomed) the most are recommended for the sweet-tooth.

The popular ones are:

“Tentalaria” which literally means ‘tease’. It’s made of cashew nut and sugar cream.

“Tert” which is made of pastry crust and filled with a gooey prune jam.

“Ko’i Lechi” meaning “thing of milk” is made of condensed milk, powder milk and sugar.

“Kokada” made out of coconuts and brown sugar.


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