Curacao Flag...
The Pride and Joy of the Island

Some intriguing facts about the Curacao Flag. The Flag of Curacao is a plain field painted with deep blue and a horizontal yellow stripe.

Nothing special about it so far. It's when we take a look at the two very promising white-colored stars that my curiosity raises steeply and sharply to new heights. These two stars represent Big and Klein (Little) Curacao, but also 'Love & Happiness'. The five points on each star symbolize the five continents from which Curacao's people come. Yes, this teeny speck of land is home to more than 50 different nationalities. Imagine that!

The Cura-Flag day is marked by official ceremonies and festivities in Brionplein (Brion Plaza) in Otrobanda in the morning and in the Parke Himno i Bandera (Hymn and Flag Park) in Barber, on the western end of the island. 


The Curacao native is a melting pot; a mixture of mostly African, European and South-American genes.

Curacao, Willemstad Flag
curacao flag

All these nationalities come harmoniously together on one of the most important events in Curacao to commemorate and celebrate.  Locals parading with their flags, cars decorated in yellow, white and blue and most people hang a big flag at the their house door. THIS IS CURACAO FLAG DAY.  This event takes place every 2nd of July each year. The flag was adopted on 2nd of July, 1984 as the official flag of Curacao.

curacao flag 1

The place to be every 2nd of July is Brion Plaza. Here’s where everybody gathers for the big celebration. Singing the national anthem accompanied by pathfinders parades, dancers, singers and not to forget the presence of government ministers of the Island.   

The Flag Day is jam-packed with great activities all over the Island. From concert to food festivals to sports, fireworks at night, cultural parties and so much more. Market stands pop up everywhere in the city selling almost everything at a bargain price.

curacao flag 2

What more can you ask for? Amazing right! The warm, happy and fully united vibe is found from East Point to WestPoint. It is something you have to experience for yourself.

The Flag:  Curacao's flag portrays the blue sea and sky, cut by the yellow sun. The two stars are Curacao and its uninhabited sister island Klein Curacao; their five points symbolize the five continents from which the varied local population originates.


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