Curacao Diving…
Above And Beyond All Expectations 

Curacao diving - an exhilarating experience. To visit Curacao and skip its underwater treasures would be a ''bloody'' shame! Learn how to dive! curacao diving Have you longed for a unique encounter with underwater marine life…like forever? Or just wished you could examine a coral reef close up for once in your life? Curacao Scuba Diving might just be the answer. So, maybe you’re an inexperienced diver? Relax...

Relax, yes we love that word in the Caribbean.

Besides, every professional Scuba Diver was inexperienced at one point in time, just think about it. If you’re an inexperienced diver and you’re in Curacao, you’ve come to the right place.

Curacao is ideal for the novice diver because of the limited stream of the sea. There are 80 Curacao Diving Sites, each one corresponding to either a diving school or hotel. These diving schools have Dive Boats to get you to special sites. 

If you’ve never tried scuba diving but want to get your feet wet, Atlantis Diving Curacao can get you started. The Dive Shop is located near the center of Willemstad on the waterfront. 

They offer PADI courses of all levels; give personal attention and instruction on diving safety, including scuba diving theory, behavior under water, safety and preservation of the reef. They also organize Dive Trips to Tropical Bays, the deserted island Klein Curacao and the famous wreck called the ‘Superior Producer’.

Diving in Curacao.. what you need to know!

Often times questions like; “Is Curacao worth Diving”? and “What are the Best Dive Sites in Curacao”? would come up. 

First of all, is Curacao worth diving? It sure is. For years, this Caribbean Island has remained in the shadow of its sister Island Bonaire. Bonaire is a diver’s paradise. Divers from all over the world come to the relatively less populated Bonaire. 

Until, they’d discovered Curacao, the largest of the ABC Islands. With miles of uncrowded Beaches, vibrant Nightlife, World Cuisines, a huge variety of Accommodation and most important Quality Dive Sites, Curacao sure has become an attractive dive destination.

curacao diving 1

Curacao will offer you as a diver a more complete and diverse vacation. You can explore the famous dive sites during daytime and hit the dance floor or the several Beach clubs right after sunset. So, let’s have it: What are the Best Dive Sites in Curacao?

The top dive sites (voted by Tripadvisor, Lonely Planet etc.) are:

  • Mushroom Forest 
  • Superior Producer
  • Tugboat

Prepare to be greeted by the beautiful and brightly colored Marine Life. Get a thrill out of watching schools of fish pass by. Or discover great artifacts such as the sunken Superior Producer or The Tugboat. 


The red icon on the map represent the real touristy and must-visit dive sites. Happy Virtual Curacao Diving. 

BEWARE: These Curacao Diving Sites are a hundred times more beautiful and mesmerizing as these pictures. 


curacao diving 2

Watamula meaning water mill is a dive site located at the far west end of Curacao. The dive site is listed as advance dive due to strong currents in that area. The variety of corals found at this site is simply overwhelming. Think pea-green mountainous star corals, yellow sea whips and spiny sea rods, and much more.

“Mushroom Forest”

curacao diving 3

This dive site is known as the mushroom forest due to  the large number of star corals that basically grow vertically on a big sand plateau. The tops of the coral resemble a mushroom shape, hence the name. 

“Piscado Reef”

curacao diving 4

A diver's must visit dive site is the Piscado Reef where Neptunus, Roman God of the Sea watches over and protects the reef of Curacao.

“Porto Marie”

curacao diving 5

Porto Marie is popular for its double reef also known as “The Valley”. Watch out for sting rays and eagle rays. The inner reef is perfect for the novice diver while the outer reef that typically runs below 130 feet provides many opportunities for the advanced diver.

“Vaersen Bay”

curacao diving 6

This diving Site is a unique car pile at just about 90 feet deep. This old-classic car was built in the 40s and 50s. Currently it just sits underwater covered by marine life.

“Superior Producer”

curacao diving 7

In 1977 the ship ‘Superior Producer’ sunk just off the coast of Otrobanda. This shipwreck sits at a depth of about 100ft and offers a unique Curacao diving experience to both the novice and the advanced diver. The wreck is covered with a variety of corals and sponges. 


curacao diving 8

The wreck of this tugboat found at Caracasbay sits at a depth of only 16 feet which means the site is even suitable for snorkelers. The coral here is pristine and the amount of fish is overwhelming. 


Curacao Diving: dive right into paradise... I've heard wonderful stories about the incredible diving in the Caribbean’s ABCs (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao). But, for one reason or another, I never got a chance in all those years to experience it for myself - until now! 

This was my first visit to this part of the world and I couldn’t wait to get into the water and experience what I’d heard about all those years. And I wasn’t in the least disappointed. I am pretty sure that Bonaire has captured the reputation of being the diver-oriented island to visit in this part of the world but, with the relative proximity of Curacao, how different could it really be.

Not much I imagine. And with the charm of Willemstad to add to the trip I think I’d opt for Curacao in a heartbeat. Off to Curacao diving!

What I found on my two dives was an exhilaratingly clear 80-110 feet of visibility, swarms of small tropical fish, a few larger fish such as some barracuda and Queen Angel fish, clumps and mounds and varied formations of colorful coral and sponges, forests of fire coral waiting for the unwary diver, a seahorse, some stationary rock fish, and much, much more.

"Hilton Curacao Ocean Encounter" curacao diving 9 - The day was partly cloudy but with lots of sunlight in the water. The Dive Boat provided an easy entry and exit from the water (the crew all speak different languages) and were very competent in the water. The air fills were very generous as well.

During these two dives, maximum dived depth was 70 feet and the current was mild and tranquil. I was constantly scanning my incredible surroundings. The only other dive I’ve ever done that compares with it was in Cozumel and it wasn’t nearly so spectacular.

There was a 50 or 60 foot fairly shallow wall, there were finger reefs, there was a tremendous variety of marine life, there were only about 16 divers in the water in that area, there was a sunken tugboat to see, etc., etc., etc. You really must see it to believe it. 

If you are a diver, make this a ‘Must Dive’ on your wish list. And much of the diving could as easily have been done from the shore as it was from the boat. Most of the time we were only anchored about 50 yards off the beach. 

Curacao Diving? A MUST do in your lifetime! 


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