Curacao Beaches
Where to lay down your towel

I did not just see all Curacao Beaches. I swam, baked, left my name right there carved in the sand.

Each single Beach on this island is beautiful and unique in its own way. Each one tells a slightly different story.

In fact, it is Curacao telling its own story, showing its many hidden faces. There’s never a dull moment on this island. Do some Beach Hopping and I can assure you, you will carry this teeny speck of land in your heart, Forever.

Check out the photo gallery of the most beautiful beaches on the Island

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Not satisfied? I know. The Beaches in Curacao are just irresistible. Here are more pictures of those marvelous beaches. Don't miss the beach map below where you can find all beaches. 

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You might be wondering where to lay down your towel in Curacao. Beaches in Curacao have something for everyone. The island’s 38 beaches called "playas"  are found mostly along the south coast. 

These perfect little beaches offer soft white sand, swaying palm trees, perfect turquoise waters and a pleasant light breeze. How can one pick the single best, from so many perfect beaches? Impossible! Well, here are the Top 3 Favorite Beaches in Curacao....

Playa Porto Mari ”Curacao's Best Diving Site”

When you ask locals what their favorite beach is, most likely you will hear them mention … Playa Porto Mari. Yup!

curacao beaches

This beach is a little bit longer than others and it has some of the Best Beach Food as well as one of the Best Diving Sites on the Island. 

Whitest coral sand beach I’ve ever seen, calm turquoise water … a True Paradise for water lovers. For the underwater visitors: Playa Porto Mari has a unique double reef where you can enjoy the Ocean’s Treasures.

Entrance fee: $2.50 (Children under twelve years may enter for free).

Jan Thiel Beach “Curacao ‘happiest’ Beach”

If you’re looking for sun, sea and sand but also want some amusement Jan Thiel Beach is the place to visit. Live music, great Restaurants and it has a child friendly area. It has a beach volley playground, a small water park & mini pool for the kids.

curacao beaches 1

You can also rent a sailboat or take a guided kayak or hiking trip to learn more about the 350-year-old saltpans just next door. Hit one of those beach beds around sunset. As the sun sets you’ll be wishing you could have that moment forever...

Entrance fee: approx. $3

Knip Beach “Curacao’s most Famous and Longest Bounty Beach”

Considered the Best Beach on the island by tourists! This beach really is perfect and my personal favorite too. Crystal-clear turquoise sea and a long stretch of soft white powdery sand. On the weekends it’s heavily visited by locals but during the weekdays this fascinating beach can be all yours.

Entrance fee: FREE

curacao beaches 3

Words can do no justice... when you visit make sure you swim a few laps in this turquoise paradise!


Finding Beaches in Curacao is very easy. We are surrounded by water remember?! So here is a Curacao Beach Map where you can see and find the most popular Curacao Beaches. Enjoy!

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 ~23 Curacao Beaches~

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