Curacao Airport…
Fasten your Seatbelt
for the Amazing Island of Curacao.

Curacao Airport - Colorful, warm and cozy just like the island!

After traveling maybe hours to Curacao, you've finally reached your dream destination: Curacao International Airport.

Stretch your legs - offload your hand luggage and mentally prepare yourself for this fascinating little Caribbean Island!.

The first thing you'll notice when walking down the passenger’s terminal is a wave of heat embracing you. I call it the intense and warm Caribbean welcome...

Bon Bini (Welcome), to my beloved island!

Curacao before landing
curacao airport

Shopping @ the Airport

Shop till you drop at the Curacao Airport. Awesome right? As a Curacao-visitor landing at the airport you might expect a small islands like this to have little to no entertainment for visitors at the airport itself. My friend you are wrong! After the renovation in 2006 there is enough to do and enough stores to shop at.

There is an array of the best cutting edge trusted brand name perfumes, liquors, cigars, designer glasses, fashion watches, jewelry/accessories and latest technology and gadgets at incredibly favorable prices in the duty free and retail shops at the airport.

curacao airport 1

The shops at Curacao airport are open from the first flight till the last flight so you won’t ever be landing or leaving the airport without the opportunity of satisfying your need to shop. The options are;

  • Omni Electronics for all your ultimate technology and gadgets.
  • Sky Delicatessen for your savory bites like cheese, nuts and lot more.
  • Britt Shops [with three stores at the airport]for those unforgettable and unique souvenirs you MUST buy.
  • Zylo is also available at the airport for all your designer glasses, leather goods, high-end watches, jewelry and accessories.
  • The Mini Market is THE place to be for literally everything you need. From a water bottle to magazines to postcards, cosmetics, food, drinks, candy and so much more – My favorite.

And lastly the leading airport retail operator in the world

  • Aldeasa [duty free]. Here you find the best cologne, cigar, alcohol, cosmetics and more.

 So you have no excuses, the options are there!

Take a lunch…

Am I the only one that isn’t satisfied with the small meals you get on the airplane departing or arriving to Curacao?. YES. It seems like the meals are getting smaller and smaller by the day. So most of the time, I pack some food and drinks in my hand luggage.

And after landing at Curacao Airport I always seek a place to have a delicious lunch. You have some good choices of restaurants, bars and cafes at the airport. You can choose from great coffee, delicious sandwiches, yummy pizza, juicy hamburgers, healthy meals and a variety of snacks. Open from the first flight till the last flight.

curacao airport 2

These are your breakfast, dinner or lunch options at the airport;

  • Café Barista; since 2004 one of the best coffee shops in Curacao. With connections to Colombia, Italy and USA they have perfected their coffees to the high standards of their customers. I recommend the “Island Iced Coffee Colada”
  • 5 Star Sports Bar is a cool place for everyone and not only for the sport-fanatics. They offer great drink and appetizing snacks. Btw they have a smokers lounge!
  • Au Bon Pain has an authentic recipe for their bread and pastries. Their menu is completely inspired by the uniqueness of their cuisine. You can order mouth-watering sandwiches, spicy soups or salad.
  • Haya Sushi is just awesome! Luscious sushi rolls with a twist. You got to try the “Rainbow Roll”. You’ll love it.
  • Oregano offers a variety of delicious soups, salads, wraps, sandwiches and pasta. Expect freshness!
  • Cinnabon; the aroma that escapes from their ovens is just insane. Crazy-good cinnamon rolls, muffins and more.   
  • Wendy’s; Yeah everybody knows this fast food joint. All I can say is what you expect is what you get.
  • Sbarro is my favorite place at the airport. I love PIZZA. You just need to imagine a pizza made with fresh local ingredients…… warm out of the oven with gooey melting cheese….speechless.

An empty belly equals a grumpy traveler! So reserve some time to visit one of these food chains, because in Curacao we’re all about SMILES.

Transportation to anywhere…

After your arrival at the Curacao Airport the first thing you’ll notice curacao airport 3when out of the airport is the warm breeze that will embrace you. YES, your Curacao Vacation has begun. The island is small, but not small enough to travel by foot SO any kind of transportation will be needed. You have 4 options; public transportation, VIP transportation, taxi, or car rental.

PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION – Public transportation is an option but not the best though. They depart every 30 minutes and sometimes every hour. Besides they are not always on time. But hey… if you don’t have any other option then I guess you should take the public bus that passes just in front of the airport.

The local bus company ABC provides a transportation service at a very low price (less than a dollar). The bus routes are pre-scheduled so unless your destination is on these routes there is no point in getting aboard. For any question you can call ABC bus company at +(5999) 868-4733.

VIP TRANSPORTATION – The airport caters a VIP service to corporate leaders, artists, private jet owners and EVERYONE that wants and needs a VIP transportation. You can choose from limousines, fancy cars incl. a personal chauffeur to drive you to your destination. Call the airport for more information at +(5999) 839-1000 or visit their service desk at the airport itself.

curacao airport 4

TAXI – A big yellow sign saying TAXI on top of minivan or car and a license plate starting with TX aren’t difficult to spot right? Taxi services at the airport are located at the right hand side when you exit the last arrival door.

With 24 hours availability and prices regulated by the government, the taxi service in Curacao is the best and very reliable. Prices can range depending where you’re going, but here is some insight on the average prices.

  • From Airport to Otrobanda Hotel & Casino or Howard Johnson Hotel area = $28
  • From Airport to Marriott Beach Resort and surroundings = $25
  • From Airport to Lions Dive & Beach Resort and surroundings = $35
  • From Airport to Papagayo Beach and Lounge Resort and Jan Thiel area = $45
  • From Airport to Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort and surroundings = $75
  • From Airport to Kura Hulanda Lodge Westpoint and surroundings = $60

The minimum price you will pay to a taxi is $10. In the event that you demand a taxi service and you change your mind later you are expected to pay $10.

CAR RENTAL – Rental Cars are the first choice of transportation for many Curacao-visitors. Therefore Curacao airport affiliates with 5 international well-known car rentals to cater this need. 

curacao airport 5

Phone: +(5999) 869-4433
Opening hours: 7:00 – 23:00

curacao airport 6

Phone: +(5999) 839-1500
Opening hours: 7:00 – 23:00

curacao airport 7

Phone: +(5999) 462-8378
Opening hours: 7:00 – 23:00

curacao airport 8

Phone: +(5999) 869-4433
Opening hours: 7:00 – 23:00

curacao airport 9

Phone: +(5999) 839-1310
Opening hours: 7:00 – 23:00

curacao airport 10

Phone: +(5999) 461-3089
Opening hours: 7:00 – 23:00

These Car Rentals are open every day and are prepared to rent you a reliable car for a decent price. From compact budget cars to 4x4 SUV’s. They are all very friendly and serviceable. You can find them at the right hand side building next to the arrivals.

Curacao International Airport
curacao airport 11

Curacao Airport is fully equipped to meet your needs. Distinguished as a typical small but "cozy" Caribbean airport, with a friendly and personal touch. You just need to experience it for yourself.

Curacao Airport City [Future Plans]

As the island of Curacao keeps on thriving, Curacao Airport also plays a more prominent role in the Caribbean. Did you know that Curacao International Airport is home to a space port? How cool is that!

The future of the island is looking bright. Take a look.


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