Curacao Airlines…
It’s Landing Time Peeps!

Finding Curacao airlines that can bring you this amazing Tropical Island is not that difficult anymore, since there are 19 airlines flying to Curacao every day, from USA, Europe and South America.

Finding the cheapest flights among these airlines can require some time and know-how but it’s definitely not difficult or impossible. But remember that it all depends on which country you’re coming from.

In the list below you will find airlines flying to or from Curacao Airport along with their destination.

curacao airlines
curacao airlines 1

For travelers flying from USA

As you can see American Airlines is the main option for travelers flying from USA to Curacao (with direct flights). American Airlines and Insel Air provide flights to Curacao from Miami. Continental Airlines offers flights to Curacao from Newark. Insel Air in addition has connections to the island of Curacao from Charlotte. Charlotte, Miami and Newark are effortlessly reachable from Atlanta International Airport.

For travelers flying from South America

For Curacao-visitors coming from South America there are plenty of options. The main airlines traveling to and from Curacao and South America are; Insel Air (home-based in Curacao), Avoir, Dutch Antilles Express (home-based in Curacao and encountering some financial problems right now), Avianca, Copa Airlines, Surinam Airways and Pawa Dominica Airways, with destinations like Barquisimento, Caracas, Charlotte, Kingston, Bonaire, Las Piedras, Medellin, Miami, Aruba, Paramaribo St. Maarten, Port Au Prince, Port of Spain, San Juan, Santo Domingo, Valencia, Maracaibo and Bogota.

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Curacao Airlines…neighbor Caribbean Islands

The sister and brother neighbor Caribbean Islands have charter airlines like Tiara Air (home-based in Aruba), Dutch Antilles Express, Divi Divi Air (home-based in Curacao) and EZ Air to cater to the Caribbean need. 

Europe! Yes. I didn’t forget Europe. KLM and Arkefly are the pioneers in direct flights to Curacao from Netherlands. Recentelly KLM has started also with direct flights twice a week from Eindhoven, NL .

These airlines have daily direct flights that take approximately 9 hours to get to the shores of Curacao. Air Berlin is also a great option for direct flights from Dusseldorf (Germany) and has been very successful with this connection. 

Visit your travel agency or a website (e.g.,,, and learn how to connect or get a direct flight with one of these airlines!  


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