Cheap Flights to Curacao…
6 Tips how to get a Cheap Flight to Curacao

Finding cheap flights to Curacao isn’t difficult but ain’t a breeze either. If you do your homework chances are great that you’ll find a cheap flight.

Consider these 6 tips while searching for a flight to Curacao.

Patience, Book Early, Book Late, Search, Good Timing, Flexible Schedule

"Cheap Flights to Curacao...PATIENCE"

First of all, never ever buy the first deal on the net. The first flight you get is not always the best or cheapest. There are quite a few websites out there to help you find great flight deals. seems to be one of the most popular, since it compares multiple sources and tools simultaneously.

I’ve done some research and found that,, deliver excellent results too! These are the trusted and proven tools on the net. If you’re flying in from the Netherlands, I’d recommend or For those coming from the UK, check for cheap flights to Curacao.


During the high seasons people are booking flights pretty quickly meaning that prices will sky rocket very easy. So buying early during these seasons can save you a lot of money. It is a fact that the last 2 weeks before your flight (high or low season) prices can spiral out of control.

This can differ depending on your destination. Booking 3 to 6 months in advance can kind of guarantee you a cheap flight. BUT because prices fluctuate constantly waiting is maybe your best option (it’s a gamble though). This leads me to the next tip on how to find cheap flights.


Airlines tend to lower their prices if they don’t manage to fill the seats of the airplanes. So waiting for the last minute tickets can land you with a bargain deal. Last-minute deals are awesome but not very reliable if you don’t have a flexible schedule or dates, because you can end up not getting a seat. is a great tool for those coming from the USA.

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"Cheap Flights to Curacao...“SEARCH”

Explore every option possible on the internet. Sometimes you can find different prices on the same day on different websites. Airlines can give you lower prices on their own website. But even so you need to visit other webs to compare information, price, options, dates, and rates. Don’t forget to search for possible sales or promotions on each web.   

NOTE: subscribe yourself to webs that can notify you if the airplane tickets have lowered in price. 


The evaluation between stop searching and buy a flight ticket to Curacao can be tricky, but the more you do it the faster you’ll understand when is the perfect time to book your flight. Bing Travel and/or provides you with a tool that predicts the ticket prices and indicate if their going up or down. These prediction graphs can be money saving if you spot the right moment to buy. 

NOTE: Tuesday is the best day to book a flight


Changing the days, weeks or months on your flight can make a big difference money-wise. Flights with more than one connection can also be cheap. Take into account that just about every vacation spot - CURACAO included - has a peak season….so if it's possible to fly any other season, you'll certainly pay considerably less. 

NOTE: Make sure to use (if you have) your “frequent flyer miles” to get cheap flights to Curacao! 

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