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"Where Doing Business Is A Pleasure!"

The Chamber of commerce Curacao has been around since 1884 to represent the interests of the Curacao business community.

1. Thinking about starting a business in Curacao?

2. Are you looking for a business partner in Curacao, Willemstad?

3. Do you want to invest in a company or a Curacao based project?

4. Or just have a good business idea, but don’t know how to get access to Curacao?

E-zone Areas with low profit tax...

Curacao is very attractive to foreign investors and entrepreneurs. That sure is an understatement. Think privileged E-zone areas for internet based companies (e-commerce) that are subject to low profit tax, a mere 2%. Curacao is therefore a paradise for foreign entrepreneurs.

View of the St. Anna Bay
Chamber of commerce Curacao

In addition, the island has two free zones, one at the airport and one at the harbor. The major advantage is that no import duties are required on goods imported into one of the free zones.

Infrastructures: Chamber of Commerce Curacao.. 

Curacao also has one of the best infrastructures in the entire Caribbean. The island is strategically located and has the best connections with Europe, North America and Latin America.

Curacao is a portal to the World
Chamber of commerce Curacao 1

Picturesque Willemstad is also home to an outstanding canal, the St. Anna Bay which serves as the main harbor. The canal is deep and wide which is perfect for large vessels. The island is also perfectly located just outside the hurricane belt.

A lot of big financial service companies and law firms can be found on the island. 

The political climate is very stable. As of 2010 Curacao is considered a new country within the Dutch Kingdom. Despite worldwide economic distress Curacao’s tourism sector still grows rapidly.  

Chamber of commerce Curacao 2

For more info check the Doing Business in Curacao e-document by Baker Tilly International. A comprehensive 24-page e-book with everything you need to know about enterprising in Curacao. The material is neatly presented and subdivided in convenient paragraphs.

The e-book covers:

  • Business entities
  • Accounting requirement
  • Finance and Investment
  • Employment regulations
  • Residence and work permits
  • Social Security
  • Taxation

Most of your questions regarding work & residence permits, business licenses and legal requirements can be answered in great detail if you contact the Chamber of Commerce in Curacao.


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