Caribbean Island…
Big Curacao and Little Curacao

Why many chose to make this Caribbean Island their new found home..

caribbean island

This picture shows in my opinion the very heart and soul of Curacao. A tropical island where people live their dreams by making a decent and honest living. The result? Peace, Love and Freedom!

In the end that's all we need, right? Think about it. Just ponder that thought for a while. Why would you work your butt off 260 days a year so you can have a sweet Caribbean vacation every now and then? Huh? Doesn't make much sense, does it? Exactly! That's the exact reason why thousands of Dutch people said farewell to Holland and Aloha to Curacao.

The Best Caribbean Island: Curacao side-effect…

The Caribbean people seize each and every day. Dance like no one is watching. YES they do!  The Caribbean island of Curacao is a place where today is never a repeat of yesterday and wealth is measured in time not money.

best caribbean island

A one-time experience of Curacao can really make a difference for your soul! It changes your whole outlook on life…just one week on this delightful Caribbean island will make you realize what life really is all about! You’ll be feeling as relaxed as the wind blows, enjoying life to the fullest, and feeling like you’ve finally found your home.

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When the vacation’s over and your back to your daily schedule…what then? Your heart will be longing for more.. More of this magic. that unique meaning Curacao brings to your life.  It will leave you a brief experience of that Utopian feeling… all is right in the world.

About the Curacao island..

Here’s some useful information about the Caribbean  Island of Curacao.

the caribbean islands
  • What language is spoken in Curacao? Dutch is the official language in Curacao. However the locals speak "Papiamentu" a mixture of several languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, French and it also has some African influences.
  • How about the Curacao weather? Curacao has a warm, sunny climate year round with an average temperature of about 27° C (mid-80° F)
  • Is it safe to use their drink water? Yes, Curacao desalinizes its seawater so the tap water is safe to drink. Imported bottled water is also available.
  • What are the emergency numbers? Tourist emergency number: 917 (24 hours available) Ambulance: 912 and for fire/police department you can dial 911.
  • What's the local currency on the Curacao Island? The currency used in Curacao is the Antillean guilder, but the US dollar is widely accepted as well. The exchange rate varies between 1.77-1.88 ANG for 1 USD.
  • What if I need a cab? Taxi services are typically found at the airport, in downtown Willemstad (Punda & Otrobanda) and the majority of hotels.

Common misspellings..

Curacao is commonly misspelled as Cu-ra-coa. The name Curacao is derived from the Portuguese word for the heart Coração. This island has always been considered the centre of trade in America, which explains the word heart “Cura-coa”. A different theory states that the island was named by the Spanish conquerors. The Spanish word Corazon, referring to the island’ shape eventually led to the term Curacao. 

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Anyways, I’m not here to give the Spanish nor the Portuguese credit for the islands’ name.  But since you’ve discovered this magnificent island, stick around and learn more about Klein (small) Curacao and more about my favorite paradise on earth. The beaches,  restaurants,  villas,  hotels,  diving and the way of life.

Klein Curacao (small but still amazingly beautiful)..

Who would not like to go to Klein Curacao? The uninhabited Caribbean island to the east of (Big) Curacao embraced by azure waters; where you can enjoy snorkeling, diving or just plain relaxing all day long. Perfect for a fun or romantic day out. The underwater life is truly wonderful:  true aquamarine water with glass-like visibility...just take a quick peek.

Underwater Klein Curacao
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Klein (Small) Curacao is a must-visit if you want to see all that Curacao has to offer, especially if you’re visiting Curacao for a short dive trip. To see this small uninhabited Caribbean island you’ll need to book a Miss Ann Boat Trip or Mermaid Boat Trip. They’ll show you some great spots for dolphins, turtles and manta rays encounters.

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Klein Korsou Tours & Trips

These are your boat trip options to Klein Curacao;

Miss Ann Boat Trips; leaves on Wednesday and Sunday at 07.00 caribbean island 5 from Jan Sofat / Spanish Water Resort. Upon arrival you can enjoy a breakfast.Then laze, snorkel, snooze, hike or just soak up for a while. At noon, you can enjoy a tasty BBQ meal (fish or meat) with fresh salad.

Soft drinks, beer, water and orange juice are taken care of. You’ll find some beach beds and umbrellas right on the beach. The Miss Ann parts around 17.30 to Big Curacao.
Rates $75 p.p.
Phone: +(5999) 767-1579 or +(5999) 560-1367

Mermaid Boat Trip; leaves from the fisherman pier on caribbean island 6 Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 6:45am. You will be greeted with a warm tea on board and upon arrival a delicious breakfast. You can enjoy the long white sandy beaches and (exclusively for mermaid boat trips) they have a cool beach house with nice bathrooms.

This crew offers a morning and afternoon dive tour for snorkelers and scuba divers. At noon you can enjoy a fantastic buffet lunch at the beach house. The BBQ lunch includes chicken, pork, hamburger, corn on the cob, salad and fruits. Also juices, wine, and soft drinks. Mermaid parts around 16:00 to the mainland (CURACAO).

Rates:$95/Adult and $47,50/Children – under 3 years old is free (all Inclusive).
Phone: +(5999) 560-1530

Freedom in Klein Curacao

Klein Curacao is literally everything you want/need and more during your Curacao Vacation. Upon your arrival all you have to do it throw your hands in the air and feel the freedom as you enter the turquoise mellow sea water of Small Curacao. This is what life is all about.

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TIP: Watch these video [2:15 is my favorite part] if you’re not convinced yet that Klein Curacao IS JUST AMAZING.


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