Car Rental Curacao…
A Car is a MUST in Curacao!

Opting for car rental Curacao will help you max out your vacation. Curacao offers sights and experiences you won’t find in a regular travel guide.

Driving on the remote roads leading to Watamula or the popular Shete Boka National Park at Westpoint can only be adventurous and less expensive with a rental car.

Most of these attractions aren’t accessible without a rental car in Curacao. You can’t bring your own car to Curacao right?

So the best option you got is…  Car Rental Curacao!

The view below shows you the ultimate ocean force you need to experience on Curacao for yourself. Public transportation will NOT drive you up there, taking a taxi there is almost impossible (even if it is, you may be paying a lot of money), paying a tour jeep can also be expensive and you have a limited time for these sights (considering that they need to make a tour every few hours).

Boka Pistol @ Shete Boka National Park
car rental curacao

A rental car will help you get the most out of your vacation. You don’t need to be the adventurer/explorer type of tourist to appreciate the added value of a holiday car though. Even if you were the laid-back resort type of tourist, sunbathing throughout your whole vacation, a car is a must-have! Why?

The un-coolest fact about Curacao is probably the fact that the public transport is not New Yorkish - reliable. Most people own a car. So unless you’re on a tight budget, I would definitely recommend a car rental Curacao!

Are you looking for an economical, safe and comfortable rental car? I know I am. Curacao car rental companies like Hertz offer a wide range of choice, from little compacts to big SUV’s. 

My pick would be the extremely popular Hyundai Getz / Toyota Yaris / Honda Fit. These cars are fun to drive, parking is easy and the big plus is they are amongst the lowest anywhere in the world! (35 USD daily)

Cheap Car Rentals at airport locations around the world.
curacao car rental

If you’re younger than 23 years old, renting a car at Curacao car rental companies, such as Hertz can be somewhat difficult. No need to worry! You’re just one call away from the # 1 vote among small car rental Curacao based companies. Youbi Rent A Car. Fast & friendly service, new and reliable cars, and they’ll go to just about any extent to keep their customers satisfied!

Let's say you're coming into Curacao on a night flight. They’ll pick you up at the Curacao airport, inspect the car, handle the paperwork and voila…you have a nice and reliable vehicle to drive during your vacation in Curacao!

The rental car parked @ Westpoint
car rental curacao 2

During my last stay in Jan 2013, I got into serious trouble! How can one forget to fill up his tank? Well, folks I did. Party-ing day & night or simply enjoying life has a way of doing that!  I ran out of gas. Panic!! 

Haha, relax we’re on Curacao, remember?

I decided to give the rental company a call. In about ten minutes, I was seated in a car driving to the nearest gas station. Above and beyond, service!   See the top 6  Car rentals in  Curacao below to find more detailed info about Youbi Rent A Car. 

P.S Driving is not difficult at all in Curacao. The traffic signs & rules are almost the same as in Europe (excl. England) and USA.

 Car Rental Curacao in December

December is the busiest month in Curacao. Not only because of the countless tourists who visit Curacao for a well-deserved sunny Christmas, but also locals who want to enjoy the magic-vibe of those December days.

Firework displays, Christmas shows all over the island (incl. @ WTC), family get together, concerts and much more will result into a shortage of rental cars on Curacao.

Chances are great that you will not find any rental cars on Curacao after 23th of December till January. This is especially true for those local (and cheaper) car rentals on the island.

Renting a car from Alamo @ Curacao International Airport
curacao car rental 2

Dec of 2011 I did rent a car from Alamo at Curacao International Airport just because in December cheap car rentals are very very difficult to find. So these are the few options that you are left with.

They are a bit more expensive than the local car rentals but they are more reliable in offering you a car at any time, month or season (incl. December, which is the most hectic one).

Top 6 Car Rentals in Curacao

After renting cars for years now on Curacao I find myself knowing those car rental Curacao companies who are worthy of your time and those who are just worthless to try (in my opinion).

Car Rental Curacao, here are the best in terms of price and quality.

Youbi Rent A Car
Address: Jan Noorduynweg 36-E
Phone: +(5999) 869-6060
Lowest price per day: 30 USD

car rental curacao 3

Prins Car Rental
Address: Jan Noorduynweg 36
Phone: +(5999) 888-6895
Lowest price per day: 37 USD

car rental curacao 4

Sagitario Car Rental
Address: Winston Churchillweg 102-C
Phone: +(5999) 888-1904
Lowest price per day: 35 USD

car rental curacao 5

Ruiz Car Rental
Address: Wilhelminalaan 11
Phone: +(5999) 737-3184
Lowest price per day: 30 USD

car rental curacao 6

Vista Rent-A-Car
Address: Schottegatweg Oost 8
Phone: +(5999) 737-8871
Lowest price per day: 35 USD

car rental curacao 7

Noordstar Rent A Car
Address: Reigerweg 24
Phone: +(5999) 737-5616
Lowest price per day: 37 USD


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