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Curacao-Visitor is an up-to-date website that covers everything a tourist should and would like to know before and after visiting the Island of Curacao. Our aim is to share, inspire and inform you (Curacao-visitor) about the Curacao Island we know, love and are proud of. This website will help you to get the most out of your Curacao Vacation.

This insider’s travel guide to the Caribbean Island of Curacao will provide you with information about  hotels, car rentals, resorts, real estate and a list of things to do while on the Island.

Our Mascot

Curacao offers so many unique buildings, places, fauna and flora to admire. So it is very difficult to choose just one unique thing that can represent Curacao.

The hummingbird also known as the 'blenchi' or 'kolibri' locally, is without doubt one of the most beautiful creatures on earth and can be found all throughout the island. You will even find prints of this amazing creature on our bank notes.

Make sure you snap a picture of these extremely beautiful creatures as you spot them.

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