ABC Islands…
Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao; What To Expect?

So you’ve heard about the ABC islands. I’m not talking about those in Alaska here.

But the three charming Caribbean treasures located just off the Venezuelan coast. Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao.

The largest one is Curacao followed by Aruba then the smaller Bonaire.

So let’s start with…

Aruba - For the A in ABC Islands

Aruba is "One Happy Island" – Party atmosphere – perfect for spring break – the American influence is noticeable. That would be a huge understatement. To me Aruba is a smaller version of Miami. Big hotels and most beaches are brushed up for the tourists. Aruba's Palm Beach is a carbon copy of Coconut Grove.

ABC Islands1

Bonaire: For the B in ABC Islands

Bonaire is a "Diving Paradise" – More relaxing and quiet atmosphere – the island has some of the best dive spots in the world. The underwater world is even protected by law. Recommendable; to scuba divers or people who are looking for a tranquil island that offers seclusion. Bonaire is okay for a weekend, I guess.

ABC Islands2

Curacao: For the C in ABC Islands

Curacao is the "Real. Different - Best of Both Worlds ". The islands boasts a cosmopolitan atmosphere with Caribbean charm. Dutch influence, especially in Willemstad town is noticeable. 

The island is popular for its vivid nightlife, the great variety of beaches: natural and unspoiled beaches but also polished beaches. Huge variety of accommodation ranging from big hotels to secluded luxury resorts such as Baoase Resort.

ABC Islands3

Curacao is real different according to its Tourism Board. Maybe I’m biased here, but the island certainly is unique. Curacao does not scream: come visit me, I’m your mainstream Caribbean destination. One of the islands’ main industries is tourism yet it resists falling into the tempting Little South Beach trap.

It positions itself differently and appeals to a wide European audience. Young and old have made this island their new found home. I hope to join them someday!  All that said, it's really up to you to decide which island would be most appropriate for a visit.

ABC Islands

However, if you’re not short on time and money I’d recommend some island hopping with Insel Air!

Caribbean jet flights (probably with Insel Air)
Curacao to Aruba: $ 200  (excl. airport tax)  30 minute flight
Curacao to Bonaire:$ 100  (excl. airport tax)  30  minute flight

WARNING: chances are great you’ll fall in love with one of these islands. Don’t panic! If you lose your heart to Curacao, come and tell us about it. Share your travel story and spread the Curacao love right here. Soon to be Curacao-Visitors will appreciate it!


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